Do you ever get the feeling that you would love to leave the earth a better place than what you found it?

I do. All the time.

My passion is making impact in the lives of others, helping them achieve their greatest dreams and creating a domino effect of impactful and loving service in the world.

I Coach. We sit in conversation together as two individuals both committed to YOUR experience, I sit, I listen, you talk, I talk, we create powerful inner transformation. 

Can it be that simple? 


For me, it is a regular occurrence, for me it is a way of life. 

I make impact, you make impact. 

The world becomes a better place, with me and you being the gifts that create it. 


If you're committed to creating an incredible impact in the world whether it's your relationship, your business,  your passion or your spiritual growth - 

Email me @george.howard.inspire@gmail.com

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10 Life Changing Insights Into Fearless Love.

I am writing this article because I myself happen to be in a relentless pursuit of what it feels to live with fearless love in my heart and this article provides the value of the insights from that journey thus far.  If you want to skip straight to the life changing insights simply scroll down […]


How To Be Joyful, Feel Good And Be Successful The Simple Way.

Simplicity, oh how we avoid it. It couldn’t be that easy, it must take longer, surely I need to do this and that and then read another book on this, then on that. It has to be hard right, otherwise everyone would be doing it. If I make it complicated, if I work harder and […]


The Expansion Of Our Care Capacity

Within this article I will explain the power we all hold and how this can be accessed more easily through our ability to expand our care capacity. This article is an honouring of you the individual reading this, you are power in it’s most incredible form, you have the power of the universe within your […]

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"George is a real visionary, he is the most genuine, gentle & compassionate person I know. We met in the summer at a time when I was at a crossroads in my life and his coaching really opened me up to feeling and believing that I could make the changes I needed to and move forward to become the person I really wanted to be in this world. George helped me find the confidence to grow, be true to myself, to be able to find love in my relationships and be a loving person." 


- Kellie Dimmock - Positive communication & NLP therapist.