George Howard

Do you ever get the feeling that you would love to leave the earth a better place than you found it?
I do. All the time.

16 January 2018

I work with the bravest, most caring and kind people around, I help them live more deeply into the adventurers of life that they truly are, I help them love more openly through their fears and doubts that sometimes block the potential of what they have to give, I help them BE more of who they really are, so they feel more alive, more fulfilled and experience more bliss. 

My people struggle to feel fulfilled and satisfied because of their adventurous spirit, they feel courageous to an unbelievable extent and they wish they could use this courage to really live to their truest potential that they can feel within. They care so so much about others that it can hurt and frustrate them, sometimes closing them off from giving their truest gifts through avoidance of these feelings, they are the kindest people you could meet, they truly want the best for those around them and are willing to lead the way and inspire change. 

Sometimes they feel like they could never be enough, that after all the actions they take, like loving their Partners, friends and family as much as they can, being kind and generous, spending time doing what they love and doing work that benefits the world they can’t help feeling a nag deep within that is restless to be more and to expand into the enormity of what they can feel themselves as.