Excuses you make that are driven by fear.

This post is about excuses your mind tries to create when you want to change yourself or start towards your goals, or even achieving something their and then such as get more fitness, talk to a women you find attractive, or going towards getting your dream job.

All these excuses normally make very little sense and are almost always driven by your fear, deep down we all know this, and everyone gets these excuses because we are all the same and feel the same fears as each other, it’s how you handle this fear that matters and how motivated you are in yourself to move forward regardless of whether you are scared to do it or not, we all need to start properly listening to the excuses that crop up in our heads and realize they are not viable reasons for not doing what ever it is you want to do. Now  I’ll use Parkour as an example, Parkour can be quite a “scary” sport and you have to go out of your comfort zone on most training sessions you have if you want to get better at it and achieve more and more, now I’ve seen countless times people (including myself) not doing a movement they can easily do and that reason is their judgement of it is being clouded by excuses on why they shouldn’t do it, such as “Ahh I don’t need to do it now, their is always next time” or “I’m tired from training yesterday”, and “I’m not as strong as this guy who has done it before so I won’t be able to do it” or “I don’t want to do too much to soon, I need to build it up” so fear is in our heads and at the slightest sign of pushing through our comfort zone it butts in and starts giving you silly reasons why you shouldn’t do it, now don’t get me wrong fear is good for telling you when “real” danger occurs, but you have to know when the time is right to listen to it, 98% of the time fear is just holding you back from what you really want to do. The way I like to look at it is that if you are passionate about something, the chances are you will eventually push through your comfort zone to get to a higher level, so what I think is that if you are going to do something eventually why can’t you do it now, too much time gets wasted because you are avoiding the present moment and thinking about what you can do in the future, when you finally get to that level that you think you need to be at to do it, but the chances are that you are already further along than you think and if you were to flow with fear and recognize the excuses cropping up and how they are stopping you enjoying and achieving more in the present moment, than you can stop wasting time and do what you want here and now.

So go out there now and recognize that you yourself are holding you back with excuses as to why you can’t do whatever it is you want, and have the courage to do the jump, or meet that attractive women, or apply for that job you always wanted and recognize you are far far better than you think you are if you learn to flow with fear rather than resist it.

I’ll be doing a lot of posts about fear as its something I feel is very important to learn about in the process of self development, once again you will have excuses as to why you can just go around it and find other ways to develop but I assure you although it can be daunting, facing fears as often as possible will be one of the most important keys to unlocking your true potential, and it feels great to do so!

Find the courage to move forward, excuses are likely to always crop up no matter how good you get, but recognize them for what they are and keep going forward.

3 thoughts on “Excuses you make that are driven by fear.

  1. Wow George, thanks for posting on my blog so I linked backed to yours, so much wisdom, thought provoking, helpful. I love this…”fear is just holding you back from doing what you really want to do.”

  2. Hi Gloria, thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Yeah exactly that is why people need to understand that you need to feel fear and flow with it, instead of trying to resist it! As it does indeed hold you back.