Happiness is a choice. (A quick post)

As the title says I really believe happiness is a choice, each morning I wake up I choose to be happy in that moment. I know there is always ups and downs in life and people do have problems (some worse than others) but deep down you can always be happy through choosing it in that moment, thinking about the future or past too much prevents you from being happy now as you are constantly thinking about what you could have eventually that could bring you happiness or what you should have done in the past to change what situation you may be in now, but through this thinking you lose sight of everything you are grateful for right now, and everything that is good in your life here and now. Nearly everyone who lives in a 1st world country has no excuse not to be happy in themselves, yeah you get problems but really put them into perspective and you may just find they aren’t all that bad.

So wake up each morning and think about everything you are grateful for that you have now in your life, you may find a lot more reasons to be happy than you think.

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