Are you really being yourself?

Todays post I want to talk about people maybe not being their true selves through fear of judgement from others, what this means is that they act differently around certain people, say only certain things that they think will help them stay liked, and maybe not even speak up and say something they want to say because someone might think it is stupid. Once again fear is what drives this, as they feel social pressures to act a certain way and think they will be judged badly if they be their true selves, to me being authentic is incredibly important, for example if you went to a job interview but you were to scared to be yourself and not show what you are truly about then the chances are they won’t see the qualities you do actually have that makes you perfect for the job, or if you only let your fun side out when you are with your close friends but then don’t show it on a date you are on because of fear of what he or she thinks of you, then you probably won’t come across as authentic and they won’t like you for who you truly are.

By not being your “true self” you are holding yourself back, and not coming across as the person you really are and people can feel this lack of authenticity, if you are fun and a little crazy be that without apologies, if you are actually a person who is a in your head thinker who only says things when you feel the need then that is fine too so be that without apologies, and if you are someone who has a passion but doesn’t like to tell people about it because they might think it is weird, then forget that and tell everyone you want to, it’s your passion and you should share it, you love to do it so why should you hide it because your new “friend” might judge you.

So where ever you are, or who ever you are with, always be YOU to the max, and never apologise for it or try to hide it. It. will. hold. you. back.

By being you to the max, you will come across genuine,  you will have higher self esteem and learn to love yourself (because if you can’t love yourself then how do you expect others to) and you will achieve more of what you want as the real you is on show and all those great qualities you possess!

So start being you!