It Takes Time To Get “Good” At Anything.

How much time have you actually given to really getting good at something? Has there ever been a time when you wanted to begin something new that you have taken an interest in, but after realising it is more difficult than you thought given up at the first hurdle? I think we have all been guilty of this, sometimes this is natural as the passion for it may not be there and if you don’t enjoy doing it, chances are you won’t stick with it.

But… if it is something you really want to get good at, and you can see your passion building then ask yourself how long have I been doing it? And how much time am I putting into getting better at it? Getting good at something takes patience and dedication, people are always looking for shortcuts and want things to happen there and then, they also look to other people who are at a high level at what they do and ask “how did you get so good?” normally there is a simple answer to this, hours and hours of practice for probably a good few years! So many people expect to get to a high level in as little as a few months of practice they do now and again, and when they don’t see as much progress as they expect they get disheartened, and sometimes quit for a while then try to come back and build it all up again, or don’t come back to it at all. This isn’t a good way of thinking as you aren’t enjoying the process of learning and gaining more skills.

Then there are the people who are enjoying learning new things and progressing quite nicely, then they hit a plateau in their learning and all they have to do is maybe take a little break, but then get back to it with full force and keep practising, but instead they get frustrated and give up at the first hurdle, probably because they think something crazy like “I can’t get as good as this guy has done because blaa blaa blaa”, which is another silly fear driven excuse (see my other post on this “excuses that are driven by fear”).

The people who end up getting really good at what they do are the people who don’t hold themselves back with limiting beliefs of what they can achieve for themselves, they do not give up no matter what and keep setting goals for themselves, both short term and long term in which they keep working towards week after week, they understand plateaus occur but they see their goals of what they want to achieve and understand they have to keep moving forward no matter how slow the progress is, and just enjoy the process of it all, which if you are passionate about something it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Don’t get caught up in other peoples progress thinking you need to be able to do the same, don’t compare yourself to others stay on your path and keep working hard towards your goals.

It takes years to really understand and get to an expert level at most things, when you look at others who are great at what they do, remind yourself it wasn’t something they just woke up and did straight away they dedicated themselves to it and put in the hours of hard work, doing the things they enjoy and also parts of it they didn’t enjoy, just to better themselves.

So if you have a real interest in something and you want to begin, don’t give up at the first sign of slowing progress. Keep going, practice, practice and more practice. enjoy the process of learning, and the progress will keep coming. Then one day in the future you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come, and be happy in the knowledge you got to where you were because you didn’t give up when things got tough and you carried on pushing yourself forward reaching goal after goal.

So remember to really get to an expert level at something it takes a long time, don’t expect over night results and enjoy the process, it’s a journey, you are doing it because you enjoy it, not because you need to be great at it there and then.

Have fun, put the hours in, enjoy the process and be safe in the knowledge that you will keep on achieving as long as you keep at it.