You hold the power to change.

Ask yourself who controls your thoughts? Who controls your actions? Unless you are a robot, chances are it is you who controls these things, you have the power to change the way you think, the way you see things and what actions you take to do the things you want. So many people are giving their power away to other people, looking to them to change their lives, or even control the direction it is going, the problem is people will hold you back, for some strange reason a lot of people don’t want to see others succeed even your family members! And unfortunately say things that do have an effect on some ones self belief because they haven’t yet got past their own limiting beliefs, to me this is crazy that someone else is effecting how you feel about yourself and your ability to take action, to steer yourself in the direction you want.

We all need to realise how much power we hold, the world doesn’t project its self onto us, you project out to the world so you have the power to project whatever intentions you desire to create, your thoughts shape who you are and what you are attracting into your life. If you project negativity and hatred out the world because things may not be going right for you, then guess what is going to attract to you? Much of the same, over and over again.

Now if you come across with Happiness, love, a feeling of abundance and a clear intention of what you want, and you take the action towards it, then the chances are you are going to attract great things into your life, and steer your self into a direction of change for the better.

Don’t give up at the slightest hurdle, stay happy and realise you have the power and it is only a matter of time till great things come your way if you have a clear intention and take action toward them, people will try to belittle your ideas, and goals but don’t listen to them keep moving forward show yourself how much you do deserve it, by taking the necessary action towards it, while projecting a feeling of happiness and abundance to the world.

It is so obvious that everyone holds the power to their own life direction, but people still forget it.

You hold the power! Stop looking to other people to help you move forward, because unfortunately they probably want you right where you are.

You deserve the best for yourself, and you deserve all you intend to achieve. You hold the power.