How to push out of your comfort zone. (Recognising Irrational fear)

For me getting out of the comfort zone is very important to any part of developing yourself, as it is going to crop up at one point or another you just can’t avoid it. If you aren’t willing to push out of the comfort zone then the odds are you won’t get very far towards developing yourself and getting towards the goals you have set for yourself. Everyone feels fear, every single person on this earth, but everyone handles it differently.

Normally the ones who do succeed in their lives are the ones that feel the fear of wanting to push through the comfort zone, but instead of trying to resist it, which gains more fear, they “flow” with it, they feel the fear inside them but they just relax, not thinking about the future of what could happen, just staying in the present moment, fear exists in the past and future, when you think of something coming up that scares you, the imagination runs wild and could bring up pictures of horrible scenarios which are likely never to happen.

But to stay calm and not let the fear take over you need to be in the present moment, here and now and just flow with the fear, feel it and do it anyway, remember we are talking about Irrational fears here (Public speaking, Interviews, Auditions etc..) ,not “real” dangerous situations, so you can just do it, no thought needs to go into it you shouldn’t be calculating the risks as technically there isn’t any. Enjoy the moment, and stay out of your head, what I mean by this is instead of going frantic and over thinking just do something like focusing on breathing,  feel your feet as you walk, or stand, this gets you in the present moment as you are focusing on what your body is doing there and then. No thinking about past experiences or the future just be in the moment accept the feeling of fear, just think of it as you growing as a person each time you face a fear, whether it goes “good” or “bad” you will grow from it.

Have fun with it, don’t avoid it as it will get harder and harder to handle, face fears as often as possible, start small, build them up and you will learn to flow with it a lot more and know that nothing bad ever really happens it’s just your perception of it.

So remember, don’t let fear get to you by thinking about the future, or the past. Try stay in the present moment when faced with pushing out of your comfort zone, and just flow with it. It’s not a fight against fear, it’s learning to recognise that fear is there for a reason, just it doesn’t always know when real danger is actually there, but I’m sure you can tell yourself whether you are faced with a death defying situation, or just that the man over there is judging you. “AHHHH”

Go face some fears, and you may just start enjoying it.

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