How To Have A “Giving” Mind Set.

This post is a bit of push for me to give more, and to inspire people to do the same. Coming from a place of giving is very powerful to your own happiness and effecting other peoples as well, now when I say giving it doesn’t have to be money, or any other item. It can be as simple as a smile or a compliment to a stranger, or someone you know already.

I feel like people don’t do this enough, they go about their day in their own little world on their phone or whatever and not paying attention to those around them, the social “matrix” has conditioned people to not really acknowledge people they don’t know so people feel strange communicating if they don’t know each other. Now to me this is crazy, if you have something to say or you are feeling in a good mood you should share it with other people, you may just make some ones day, some people may not be open to it but at least you are feeling good about doing it, no matter the reaction from the other person.

By having a giving mind set, you will allow yourself to be much more sociable, feel happier, express yourself more, make people smile, have them feeling good about themselves, and as I say you could make their day, or even their week, month or year!!

Giving can be so easy, and it can put you in a great mood very quickly, their are many ways to give as you go about your normal day, you can smile at people when you walk past them (a real smile, not a weird forced one), you can compliment someone on something you like about them, many people don’t say what they think when it comes to compliments, there are loads of opportunities to have people feel good about themselves, so slip in a compliment when ever you can. Also when you buy something, you can make it more of an interaction than just a transaction, people sometimes forget the people serving them are actually humans not just something that is bringing you food, or giving you a train ticket, so make your transactions, interactions. Other things include giving a homeless person a cup of tea or some food, offering people your seats on the train, helping someone with something, or telling a women, or a man they are beautiful/handsome (If that’s what you think) all these things are so small but all add up and contribute to how a person can feel in that moment.

So go out and try to make someones day, by doing this you will not only make other people feel good, but you’ll find you will be in a good mood more often, you will be loads more sociable and start breaking free from silly social conditioning, and guess what, good things will start coming into your life too, coming from a place of giving (a place of abundance) will actually attract more opportunity into your life, you will meet some great people, they will open up to you more, people will feel more attracted to you, they will want to be around you as your happy/ giving energy will attract goodness into your life in all forms.

So go out and give, it feels good to give!


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