Great Goal Setting, And Being Persistent.

As the title says this post is about the importance of setting goals, and staying on the track and keeping persistent through out all the obstacles that occur on the journey towards reaching goals you have set for yourself. Setting both short term and long term goals is very important to achievement, and self development whether it’s lifting a certain weight in the gym, running a certain distance, getting a job you want, or gaining a higher income, they all require goals and keeping at it for a certain amount of time to achieve them, and if you don’t stay persistent even when things don’t seem to be going right chances are you won’t achieve what you want and end up settling for average results.

When setting goals you need to be very specific on what you want achieve, for example if it’s in the gym, then “I want to get stronger” isn’t good as it’s very vague, but setting a goal like “I want to be lifting 104kg on Bench press by the December 29th” is far better, you have a number that you want to lift, and you know when you want to get it by, then you can make short term goals, like weekly or 2 weekly targets, such as I want to add 5 kg to the bar in 2 weeks, this keeps you motivated to keep going towards your longer term goal as you are achieving as you go along.

Don’t be afraid to set “big” goals, and realise that any thing worth having can take time to get, so you have to stay patient and keep moving forward. You must also learn from mistakes along the way, always get feedback from others and yourself realising where you may be going wrong is very important and if you aren’t enjoying the process and learning as you go along then you will have a much harder time reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

Stay disciplined and don’t worry about what others are saying I’ve mentioned this in other posts but people will try to hold you back, they will try to belittle your goals and say things that may make you think you want to give up, but don’t listen to them. Their are some people who can be a great help and will push you forward so surround yourself with them, not the negative people who don’t want you to achieve because they are bitter about their own lives, and are to scared to go after what they want.

So stay persistent no matter what, make very specific short term and long term goals this helps it stay clear in your head and keeps you motivated to keep working towards them, and write out how you need to go about it, then get on and do it, chances are you will make mistakes and it may take longer than you think, but keep going, learn from the failures don’t try to avoid them as they will teach you a lot! Too many people get disheartened at the first hurdle and give up, those are the ones who don’t get what they want, then sit and wonder how some people are so successful, and they don’t realise if they kept going, kept moving forward even when things didn’t seem like they were going any where, they would be just as successful at their chosen field.

Set goals, aim high, and stay persistent! With self belief and hard work you will get there!