How to get what you want, but not be needy.

When people come across as being too needy, really wanting something and acting slightly pathetic to get it, the chances are it’s not going to happen very easily, you are projecting out to the world that you don’t have this “thing” you want and you need it to be complete, and a little more happy in yourself. This means that you aren’t happy with what you have now and you feel something is missing and if you can someday get it, you will feel complete. This kind of mind set is coming from a lack of good things in your life, not a place of abundance, people can sniff it out a mile away and it puts them off, you are giving off bad energy. For example in a relationship if you don’t have your own life together and have good passions going on, you are going to become or already are needy with the person you are with, you are depending on them to be in your life to help you feel happier and complete, unfortunately the more needy you are to someone the less they are going to be attracted to you, and you will end up driving them away then you will feel like you are incomplete again, because you were never happy in your self, you had too much attachment to one “thing” in your life.

Another example is if you are single and wanting to meet someone, and you come across to them that something is lacking in your life and you need it to be happy then you will come across needy, trying to get validation from that person, instead of coming from a place of abundance and giving them the chance to be a part of the good life you have going on.

If you are happy with what you have now, and know that you don’t need anything in your life to fill a “gap”, you have good friends, and passions, and more importantly you are comfortable being just you without needing material things, or people to be happy then that is coming from an “Abundance” mind set. You won’t be needy, you won’t have attachment to outcomes, not looking to the future waiting to be happy, you just enjoy the moment, giving people your good energy, enjoying what you have in that moment.

So remember neediness, and thinking that you have to have things in your life to fill the gap you feel you have isn’t good at all, and will more than likely drive what you want away from you.

But…. if you work on being happy in this moment, know that you don’t need someone or things to be happy, and enjoy what you have now, you will project that out. And without taking, but giving and really living your life you will attract all you want into your life, and know that you don’t really need them to be happy as you were already happy before you had it.

Needing things will drive them away. Wanting them but knowing you don’t need them, and coming from a place of giving not taking will bring them into your life.

Choose to be happy with what you have now, and when you go for something you want don’t feel needy towards it, this will bring fear as your mind is in the future, realise that what you have now is all you need, and what ever attracts into your life is a bonus.

Give, don’t just take.

3 thoughts on “How to get what you want, but not be needy.

  1. Amen! It’s like a cycle… and a song I hear at church, “Give and it will come back to you.. with measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over” 🙂