The Importance of Movement (Physical training)

I myself am very passionate about physical training, and I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and after years of training Parkour (Over 8 years), and strength training using weights and calisthenics,  I’m now starting to see what I can achieve with my body and how far I can still push it to achieve more and more, I always make goals for myself which I will work towards to achieve, and it gives you a real idea of what the body is made to do, and how lucky I am to have a body that I can train to do great things.

Our bodies are like they are for a reason, you have muscles which can grow stronger, bones that become denser, joints which thrive on being put through a full range of motion, and your brain which can tap into heaps and heaps of physical potential if you let it do so, with daily practice of all types of movement. People don’t treat their bodies in the way they are meant to be used, a lot of people live sedentary lifestyles, sitting at desks most of the day, or lazing on the couch, and the only thing they do is walk, (walking doesn’t count as exercise, it’s locomotion, just something we do to get from A to B it’s a basic standard thing, just like picking something up), there is no training of core strength for posture, no putting joints through the range of motion they need to thrive and no stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to get stronger, so they end up doing the opposite and they get weaker, stiff, and sluggish.

Over time this can have consequences, many elderly people I see have terrible posture which came from years of slouching, they are brittle as they haven’t done any training in years, and the best they can do is walk from the A to B (just about). This doesn’t have to be the way, yes they are old and are on the way out, but the only reason they are so brittle and stiff is because they have given up on movement, they sit and watch television all day and see no point in doing any exercise, which could have kept their bones dense, they could have good range of motion in all their joints, and probably be a lot more pain free and energised.

Now as I said, movement is very important for all ages, people are getting lazy from all the technology that is available, you can just sit indoors all day with all the entertainment you need, so why go out and do a sport or exercise. Well if you want to unlock all your potential, appreciate the body you have and give it the attention it deserves then you need to get out and about find something physical you like and start learning to do it, then learn more and more, and learn the basics of mobility, go on Google and spend a little time researching what mobility exercises are good (I’ll do a video plus written post of ones I feel are great in the near future), and add it into your day, upon awakening you can do a full body mobility routine which can take less than 10 minutes and it will have you feeling great and ready to start the day, your joints will thank you.

I understand a lot of people don’t have an interest in exercising which is fair enough, but find something physical you enjoy and it won’t feel like exercise you will just be learning new skills while hopefully getting fitter, stronger, and opening new pathways in your brain through the central nervous system to help your body become more efficient and start releasing some of that great physical potential that most people have! ( I say most as I understand people who have disabilities are obviously restricted, but if you have none then where is your excuse not to make the most of the gift you have been given!) Stop being a slob, and start using your body for what it is meant for, you are lucky to have a body that works fully functionally some people don’t have that pleasure.. running, lifting, climbing, fighting, jumping, playing, dancing what ever, this is what your body is for, not just using your legs to walk and hands to type. Unlock your physical potential and trust me you will have a great time doing it, you will feel better, have more energy, feel a sense of accomplishment over and over again, your joints will feel better, your body will look better!

Start small, add some mobility into your day, go try a new sport, maybe one you always thought looked great but hadn’t yet tried (if you think you could never get good, trust me with enough practice anyone can achieve a high level in most sports! So go for it!), learn some training techniques that you can apply and just enjoy using your body for what it is meant for!

Have fun, and get physical :)


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