How To Get a Good Nights Sleep.

Falling asleep and staying asleep is a problem a fair few people have, and it all boils down to one problem.. they don’t have peace of mind. They are thinking about the future, is my alarm going to go off? What am I doing tomorrow? Is it going to go well? Blaa blaa blaa.. And they aren’t in the present moment they are worrying about things that don’t exist because these things are in the future and when you think in the future through fear than your mind will play tricks and imagine up these silly scenarios that seem like they are going to effect you in a big way, when really they won’t at all. Like “What if my alarm doesn’t go off and I’m late for work?” Yeah that could happen, but will it really be that big of a deal? No. You’ll live, explain what happened and your day goes on. How many times has your alarm actually failed to go off? Really think about that. Probably once a in a blue moon…

If you learn to be in the present moment and stop worrying about things in the future you will sleep easy at night.

Clear your brain by writing down all the tasks for the next day before you go to bed and what you need to do to complete them so your mind isn’t buzzing through them. Put your phone on silent and turn off Wi fi, data.. so you are not tempted to use it in bed as it will liven up your brain. Concentrate on your breathing which brings you into the present moment, list some things in your head that you are grateful for that happened that day, or you have in your life now, try get to 15 things you are grateful for and think of them in detail. If you can get this to click and you learn to have peace of mind everything is so much easier and you will drift off easily each night.

Stop worrying about the next day, take it as it comes. The next day doesn’t even exist, the only thing you have is images of what it could be so forget them and stay in the here and now. What happens, happens, life goes on… most of the time people are worrying about silly things like exams, driving tests, interviews and work which in the grand scheme of things matter very little, Do what you need to do to prepare for them, and do what you need to when you are doing them, but when you aren’t, just forget it and bring your attention to what ever you are doing that second.

Enjoy life, don’t resist it. You can handle what ever problems occur. Give your self permission to have peace of mind, and live here and now, take each moment as it comes.