Follow your heart.

What do you love doing in your life? Who do you love being around? Where do you like to be the most? What challenges would you like to create to grow as a person? 

Ask yourself these questions, and realize that all these things are probably the building blocks of your happiness, doing what you love is really important and you should always strive to follow your heart and work towards keeping all the things you love in your life, I feel their are too many people not doing what they want, or being where they want because they think too logically and create barriers because of the illusion of life thinking they have to be somewhere else to be Happy, they are have to earn loads of money to be Happy, they have to do something they don’t enjoy as much as they could to pay the bills, they are moving away from the great things they had in the first place and get caught up in a life they have accepted as the best they can have, because that is all fear will allow them to do.

Ask yourself are you doing what you love doing? If not follow your heart and ask yourself what is stopping you doing it? Normally it is a lack of belief in yourself, you could say you are being realistic, but realistic is just another way of saying you don’t believe that you can do what you want, it’s sets a barrier and you are being led by fear of failure. Forget realism, life isn’t serious at all, you get one life, just one life so you’ve gotta follow your heart the whole way! Believe you can do what you want, or live where you want, really think about what makes you tick and do all you can to have it in your life, don’t choose a numb existence where you are going against your desire just because you think it’s realistic, that’s following your brain and brains over think and because of conditioning of society are led by fear and told that some things are only reachable by some, but if you follow your heart you know it isn’t true, we are all the same but some people put all they have into the things they love not being blinded by fear of going against the norms, they follow their hearts and put everything they have into the things they love, the places they love the people they love, and love the challenges it brings.

Follow your heart, forget being realistic it is fear driven, allow yourself to live a life you love. The only thing stopping you is you.

Do and have what you love.