How to Learn more.

For me I feel learning should never stop, there are always things to learn to improve yourself in anything you want, anything that is lagging behind in your life can normally be fixed by learning something new, learning a new skill. 

If you aren’t learning you probably aren’t progressing in your life, you can learn from mistakes, failures and successes, you can learn from books, people, movies, talks, situations, places, everything, all the information you need to improve anything is out there somewhere.

If you want to have more money learn a new skill, if you want to be better at sports learn a new skill, if you want to pass an exam learn a new skill.. etc.. The thing is not enough people put any effort into learning they moan and groan about things that aren’t working for them, but never put the effort into learning how to fix them. An example is if someone has a nagging injury, a lot of the time they will moan and groan about it, not bothering to fix it and living with it instead of thinking ok I’m going to learn how to rid my self of this injury, and put it into action. 

If you don’t keep learning you won’t move forward, read, absorb and learn from every experience and stop being lazy, and looking to others to have the answers. Take a little time to educate yourself and life will be a lot easier. You can earn more money, have more fun, improve your brain, improve your body, teach other people,  gain wisdom, and allow yourself to take responsibility of your own life by learning how to move yourself forward.

Learning can be so easy in this day and age, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed, we have the internet which has everything you could ever learn in a lifetime, we have books with answers to things from others who have already experienced what you want to know about, and we have lots of opportunity to put ourselves in situations that help us learn. 

So start learning, you’ll be surprised how satisfying and exciting it is to have more knowledge and your reality starts to grow! 


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