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Why I Love Extreme Sports.

I've been thinking recently of why I have always been drawn to sports that are called 'extreme'.

Bmx, Skateboarding, Parkour, Fighting sports, Mountain biking, Climbing etc..

I realised that to me, it is because they are so different to the average sport offering so much more in terms of accomplishing things most people are normally too afraid to do.

When we talk about extreme sports with the average person it's normally met by awe, they will often say something like: "Wow, I wish I could do that".

I  always end up thinking and sometimes say to them: "Why don't you just do it then!?".

For most it's a dream they don't care about very much, not enough to commit time to anyway. It would require a lot of time out of their comfort zone and let's face it a lot of people will shy away from that.

That's one reason I like these kind of sports, they offer great challenges of both the mind and the body, always pushing past the comfort zone, always learning, always pushing past the boundaries of the mind, bringing an incredible sense of accomplishment to our everyday. 

The other thing I love is the freedom of these sports, for the most part we don't need a team to do it, we can just go out on our bike, put our on trainers etc.. And we feel and be free whenever we like, exploring new places, being out in the fresh air and just enjoying the sensation of the sport we love to do, whether we are alone or not.

Through these sports we meet great like-minded people, all who have the same passions and love for the sport, so we become friends, creating an instant connection through what we share.

Another thing I love about sports like Parkour specifically is seeing and going places people normally wouldn't go such as rooftops, spots that we often train at offer a whole new perspective on the city or town that we are in, we often appreciate it that much more with this almost birds eye perspective of the life around us. 

Sports like Parkour offer so many great feelings of accomplishment, each time we learn something new after many, many attempts it feels great inside of us, it's that sense of growth and progression that we all strive for. 

Of course there are risks involved in all extreme sports, but they are always calculated we must know what we can do, hours and hours of practice building from the ground up can really get us in tune with our bodies.

Injuries do occur yes, but that also happen walking to the shop, it also matters very little because if we love what we do then why would that stop us, life is too short to hold back.

I do what I love.

For me all these sports are so much fun, always exploring what my mind and body can do! Meeting great people, exploring the world, accomplishing on a weekly basis, learning loads of new skills and having a beautiful sense of freedom, clearing away thoughts and just being in the moment as I do the sport I love.

I want to encourage more people to do these kind of sports, they can teach us so much about ourselves,  they can get us fit doing something we actually enjoy, they get us more in tune with our bodies and our surroundings, we will never look at the area we live in or anywhere for that matter, the same again.

We can meet a lot of people who have the same passions which gives us a chance to travel through connections in the sport we all love doing.

We can free our mind through just being in a beautiful single moment in time, no thoughts can come in when we focus with this much presence.

Extreme sports are so much fun, sure they're not for everyone, but if you've got the calling for it, don't wait any longer, get involved.

If you have been thinking of getting into an extreme sport, but haven't yet done it because you don't think you could then simply go out and do it anyway.

Everyone starts somewhere and you have to take action and start doing the sport that interests you, don't worry about others reactions or how good you are at it at first, just have fun and enjoy the process of learning new skills and finally being on the path of getting good at the sport you only wished you could do before.

Make it a reality.

Have fun, make mistakes and enjoy the journey. 

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