Take Action, Because Others Won’t.

How much action are you taking in the quest for what ever achievements you would like in your life? We all talk about things we want to do, we can talk all day about the dreams we all have. But barely anyone has the courage to actually put a foot forward and start on the journey to success, they are scared, scared of failure, scared of mistakes, scared of opinions of other people, scared to be different.

The thing is because of fear of failure, the amount of people who will actually begin to do want they want is very low! Let alone the people who actually achieve success. The people everyone see as “elite” in this world are the ones who took action towards their dreams, no matter what the odds of success were, they took the first step, and never looked back no matter how hard it got. They felt the fear of failure, they knew they would make mistakes, but guess what? They took action anyway.

I myself have ambitions, and this is a post to myself as much as it is to everyone else, action has to be taken, talking about it is not enough, time is being wasted that you will never get back, you have to realise fear is hindering you, it is holding you back. But it has no real hold because all you need to do is accept it and take action anyway it really is that simple. Stop looking for everything to be perfect before you begin, it doesn’t need to be, neither will it ever be perfect. If you have an idea just go for it, if you want to go somewhere just go! Perfection is something to strive for, but it is very unlikely to ever be attained but that doesn’t matter, life is just a journey of learning, mistakes and failure aren’t terrible things they are things to be learnt from, every mistake you make can be a tool to reaching higher success, if you choose to learn from it.

We all have tonnes of excuses why we can’t do what we want, but if we were to move all that thought from excuses to “how can I make this happen” then things will begin to move forward, ideas will spring forward. Forget excuses they are fear driven, and will hold you back until one day it will be too late. Take action now.

The sad thing is even if 1,000,000 people read this post, and every single one felt inspired, only a select few would actually take action towards their dreams. This is why only a few do the things they love, only a few are super rich, only a few are the elite at their sport. Only a few will actually take action.

You have to stop resisting fear, and flow with it, use it to drive you forward, move it from fear of failure to the fear of never even trying, the fear of regret in later life.

Take action, no matter how small just do something and keep going forward. Stop talking about it, JUST DO IT!