Feeling Entitlement – You Are Entitled

Entitlement is something a lot of people seem to lack, it is a self belief that you can have a go at getting what you want.

It doesn’t mean you will get exactly what you want, but it means that you know you can go for it. You are entitled to it! It is a confidence that can’t be rocked, no matter the outcomes.

A prime example of this is in attracting a women or a man.HAHA. This is complete rubbish and shows the lack of entitlement people feel because of the way they feel about themselves, and maybe what other people have conditioned them to think.

It’s frustrating to know that people can go for so much more than they think if they just allow themselves to go for it, entitlement can be felt by those around you, women can feel it when you are talking to them, even if you aren’t “successful” in your interaction, you yourself will always feel successful no matter the outcome, nothing seems as serious, you are just enjoying the process of going for what you want.

It is a self belief that there are no limits of what you can have. Why would there be? You have to ask yourself why can’t you go talk to that women? Why can’t you have an abundance of money? Why can’t you join that team?

Normally you won’t have a valid reason for it, just excuses that are led by fear. Entitlement destroys this fear, it is still there but is shunned to one side, as your self belief is too strong to care, you know you are entitled to it, no matter your age, race, height, looks, strength, skill. Deep down we are all entitled to go after everything we ever have a desire for.

If you can get your head around this, and know in your heart you really are entitled! Your reality will change, great things will come your way. It is easy to read this and get inspired but then a week later still feel the same, you need to drill it into yourself.

Everyday wake up and tell yourself that you are entitled. There are no limits, there are no leagues. These are all illusions and social conditioning norms that you have to break through and understand that you hold the power to take action and go for what you want, and you definitely deserve to have it.

If you have this deep rooted self belief of entitlement your life will change dramatically, people will respect you, women or men will be more attracted to you, things will come a little easier as you are allowing yourself to accept them.

Believe me when I say, everyone is entitled to just about anything they want, it doesn’t mean you won’t fail. It just means that your self belief is too high to let it bother you, you just keep moving forward.

Believe you are entitled. Drill it into yourself, and begin to enjoy your new reality. I want this for people, I see too many people inside their heads not living their life the way they want to because they don’t feel they deserve it, if you are in this place, then get out now allow yourself to enjoy everything life has to offer, and never ever apologise for it.  Ingrain the self belief in yourself and keep moving forward. Why can’t you??

Show your entitlement! You are entitled!