True Meditation, Are You In The Moment?

Meditation is something that is used for freeing ourselves from the stresses of daily life and the chaos of the mind, that we may face in our lives, it is a practice in which we try to keep a clear mind, and stay in the present moment, here and now , by concentrating on your breathing for a certain amount of time per day – normally 20 minutes or more, and people can feel rejuvenated afterwards, have better clarity in their thoughts and feel more calm, and for some more loving, and compassionate.  

But…. for those of you who do meditate, what are you doing in the rest of your day? It seems that some people who may give the meditation thing a go, try it out and maybe start doing it religiously everyday, but then the rest of the day they go around in a daze, lost in their thoughts, thinking about the future, and the past, and missing life that is happening here and now, if this sounds like you then think what you are missing by not paying attention to the here and now.

Meditation doesn’t have to be something you sit down and dedicate a certain amount of time to per day, it is something you can do in every moment of your day, concentrating solely on what you are doing in the present moment, whether it’s driving, walking, breathing, looking at something, writing something, talking to someone, listening to someone these all can be appreciated so much more, if you are in the moment.

When you look at something, don’t just look at it, see it and appreciate it. When you are listening to someone, don’t just listen and respond, listen actively, understand them, and when you are walking somewhere, don’t just walk blindly, take in the surroundings like it’s somewhere you have never seen before, be loving, and kind to those around you. Give what you can. Make every moment special, something worthy of your attention, this is everyday meditation. What is the point of meditating for an hour per day, if the rest of the day you are out of the moment, lost in thought, missing precious life, by thinking when I get “there” I can start enjoying myself. Life is to be enjoyed moment by moment, it won’t wait around for you, time is going so it enjoy it now.

It’s a life long practice which I’m sure no one is perfect at, but it’s something everyone should be doing, to really appreciate life, and everything it has to offer, be in the here and now.

Be in the moment, the future doesn’t exist. The only thing that does is NOW.