The Law of Attraction – Attention and Intention.

You create your life. How conscious are you of the content of your thoughts? Are they mainly positive or negative? Are they geared towards the passions in your life? The things you love?

What you think about (Attention) is creating your reality, everyday you are creating what is in your life through your attention and intention, so you need to be conscious of what those thoughts are, and of course your Intention – the actions you are taking with intention of doing something. The law of attraction is a very real, powerful thing. If you think about a certain thing a lot, and you are doing that thing a lot, then guess what comes into your life? More of that “thing”.

The best way to learn, or create changes in your self is to connect with the emotional side of your brain. You can read aloud positive statements as much as you like (as some people suggest) but if there is no emotion in the words, then very little will come of it. An example is if you wanted more money in your life. and each day you wake up and say – ‘I attract an abundance of wealth into my life’ but there isn’t any emotion behind it, you are just saying the words then very little will happen. But.. if you were to say that same thing, but feel gratitude, happiness, and imagining how it feels, and bringing those emotions forward, then it can begin to manifest into your life. The second thing would be to take action, as of course you can say these things all you like, but if you are in a box sitting by yourself all your life, very little would happen. So good intentions need to be in place, and action must be taken, no matter how small.

I have examples of this power of emotion built thoughts, through doing Parkour. If I am trying a certain thing, and it’s taking a few attempts, I normally try really believe that I am going to do it. I could say something like ‘I will do it this time’ and I really feel the emotion of it build up from my heart and a certain “excitement” builds up in my Body/Brain. And 9 times out of 10 I do the movement I was trying, there and then. Where as if I said to my self ‘ I will do it this time’ but had no conviction, really not believing my own words, and not feeling it in my heart then the chances are I won’t actually do it.  I’ve had this happen loads of times, and it is a clear, real example of the power of your thoughts and the emotion behind them.

Be more of a positive thinker, and try to be conscious of your thoughts as much as possible. Catch yourself being negative, and rid yourself of it. Take away negative words out of your vocabulary, words such as – can’t, won’t, fail. You don’t need them, they don’t need to exist in your life. Each time you use them you are building up a sub-conscious negative thought pattern that can hold you back.

If you are passionate about certain things in your life, and you turn your attention to them. They will manifest. The passion behind it is what fuels the emotion and the ability to manifest more growth into your life.

If you want to change something about yourself, don’t wait for it to happen – literally change it in that moment, life should be lived one moment at a time. Say if you want to be more happy, ask yourself can I feel happy right now, here and now, then take it one moment at a time, it’s a choice that you are making moment by moment. Be happy NOW. Be more confident NOW, Be more productive NOW. This is truly turning your attention to the things you want to become your reality, if you are in the moment, choosing to be happy consciously, then it will manifest into every part of your life, and more of it will come your way.

Be Happy, Give, Be positive, Love. Be in the moment.

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