Meditation Audio – Gratitude, And Manifestation with Life Spring Audio.

I recently stumbled upon these meditation audios made by Shae Matthews, an Inner game/ Life coach. These are great and a must have for anyone looking to improve their life through changing your ways of thinking and turning yourself into someone who really extends gratitude for your life, and are then open to manifesting the things you want to achieve through life.

These audios help you get your brain thinking in the right way, and will help you take action towards what you want to achieve, through re-wiring your thoughts, so you are projecting good energy into the universe, if you know anything about the Law of Attraction you will know why this is important.

Feeling gratitude for your life now, and what you can really achieve is incredibly important, these Life spring audios can really help you tune into that state of gratitude to go about your day, and start on the path to success within your life.

He has the following Audios available which can all be great additions to your day –

  • MORNING CREATION – This meditation audio is a way to start your day on the right foot and get into a state of being an open hearted creator. This powerful hypnotic audio will guide you to set and define your direction for the day ahead and get alignment to take action and live in the flow.- Get your day started with powerful momentum.
    – Develop Acceptance and Gratitude
    – Project Positivity Into Your Day
  • RELAX AND RECHARGE – Relax and Recharge is a fast and effective way to help you de stress gain more energy for your day and reconnect to your sense of confidence direction and inner peace.- Recharge yourself when you want to reset and feel better about your day.
    – Let go of stress and come back to centred calm empowerment.
    – Bring your mid and body into harmony to effectively move forward in the moment.
  • SWEET DREAMS – Sweet Dreams is a soothing meditation audio track to help you get sleep when and where you need it. It will help you get deeper rest and integrate your day so that you feel better on awakening.- Slow down your mind and experience deep and peaceful sleep.
    – Get to sleep faster and with greater ease.
    – Install positive thoughts and program yourself to let go of the past and create a better future
  • PARALIMINALS PACK– Develop Breath Awareness
    – Creation Affirmation
    – Engaging Empowerment
    – Goal Projection Timeline Exercise
    – Exercise Supercharge

I did the “morning creation” meditation audio this morning and it felt great. I liked it. I got into a vision of floating up into the universe and slowing spinning round while realizing the infinite possibilities, time and space. And having lights shining towards me manifesting the things I want, and feeling the gratitude extend outwards. This really puts you into a good vibe to begin the rest of the day, charged up with gratitude and feeling positive which you can then project into what you do in your day.

Click HERE to visit LifeSpring Audio to purchase the Meditation Audio and get started on the transformation of your day.

It’s a great site, and will also lead you to more of Shae Matthews work. Which is all great.

Give it a go. Start bringing some postivity into your life.