Live Without Fear, Intelligent Realisations that Change Your Life.

Creating Fearlessness (Irrational Fearlessness) is something that can be attained by all of us if only we have the realisation required to attain it. Just recently this has clicked with me, and i have created a new understanding of fear. A new perception of it, which gives it no power and i feel i have released myself from Irrational fear. We can all do it, it just takes a little “click” inside you, and a whole new deep understanding of fear, and your perception of fear.

Live without fear.

There are two ways to deal with fear –

The first way is to build your courage through exposure to what you fear. For example if you have social anxiety, and you are afraid to talk to new people, then building it up, smiling at them, saying ‘Hi’, or starting a conversation with them is exposure to that fear that you have and gradually, after building it up it gets easier. This is taking action toward developing yourself and building courage to do the things you want.

Another example is public speaking, gradually expose yourself to it. Building up the amount of people you speak to, or just doing it more often will build the courage through exposure to your fear and it will gradually decrease, understand this though, public speaking doesn’t change, your perception of it does, and through this the fear disapears.

Facing your fears is great, and you will feel a great accomplishment as your courage begins to grow.

So yeah this is the first way. Taking action and facing your fears. This is a tough way to do it for a lot of people, depending on how much fear/ anxiety they have, but we can all do it. Just got to get out there, and take action.

The second way, the way that is more difficult. As it requires a deep understanding, and a new realisation to click inside you. Is to realise that it really is an irrational fear, it’s not real. Really realise it inside yourself that it definitely isn’t normal to have fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, and fear of failure. Yes most people feel it, but that still doesn’t make it normal. It is a programming inside us that has gone off track, a lot. A programming that is meant for real danger, like fear of death or serious injury that could of occured a lot easier back in the primal times, but we don’t need the fear to know what is really dangerous to us. It requires very basic intelligence to know what to fear that is actually dangerous.

Now think about it like this, why are you fearing asking a girl on a date, or doing a speech, going to an interview etc..  when there is nothing to fear whatsoever, you aren’t going to die, you aren’t going to blow up, your manhood isn’t going to fall off. Literally there is nothing to fear, nothing bad will come from it. It’s just your perception of it that makes it seem like it would be bad. This is a hard one to explain, and it will be an even one harder to get your head around, because you may get what i’m writing but to really understand it, so it clicks inside you may take a quite a bit longer, for some it may just click there and then. And if so say “hello fearlessness”, and a new understanding of your reality.

Question where fear is coming from. Dealth into it with your intelligence, question yourself on why you are feeling it. Where is it stemming from? Then question why you are fearing the outcome. Is there real danger there to fear? If it’s talking to a attractive women, and putting yourself out there, then no there isn’t any real danger to fear. It’s irrational and makes no sense to exist. The ego is fearing rejection, because the ego is always looking for gratification or validation. But it means nothing, it’s your perception of reality thats messing you up.

Just understand that if it’s not going to kill you, or anyone else. Or cause any serious injury. Which fear is really for, to raise your fight or flight response if a real dangerous situation occurs, then you really shouldn’t fear it. Once again, yes all people have felt irrational fear at one point or another in their lives. But it really is not normal in anyway what so ever. It is NOT normal.

There isn’t a lot else i need to say on this. Just try to get it, you can create fearlessness in your life by just realising that none of it matters. Why would you fear something that has no “real” consequences, just your own ego getting a little beating. Realise it’s crazy to have irrational fear, and if you don’t face it. Or try to understand it on an intelligent level, you are seriously under living your life, and you won’t reach your true potential which is a very sad thing. But don’t fear you won’t get over fear 😉 You will.

Use your intelligence, understand it deep inside you. Change your reality for good and live a life free from Irrational fear.

Create Fearlessness, and enjoy your life the way it’s meant to be, without fear holding you back.

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