How to Eat For Energy.

Ever feel sluggish after a meal? Feel tired and lacking energy during the day? There is a reason for this, and that reason is that when you eat meals that your body can’t easily digest it causes your body to use a lot of energy to digest it, sometimes up to 75% of your bodies energy. No wonder you feel like sleeping on Christmas day!

During the day you should have heaps of energy, we shouldn’t feel like sleeping in the afternoon (unless you’ve been up all night of course). You should feel energised both in your brain and your body throughout the day, and then become calm, relaxed and sleepy at night.

In most cases eating calorie dence foods, and processed sugary foods is the cause of this lack of energy in your day, they provide barely any nutrition and take up loads of your energy just to digest it. The thing is we all know which type of food to avoid, and which type to eat to feel better. The problem is the addiction that the “bad” foods bring. Most people probably won’t change their eating habits to make themselves feel better, they’d rather go round making other excuses as to why they feel the way they do and this is because the foods they eat that make them feel that way have a hold on them. You are attached to that food which makes you feel better for a moment while you eat it, but then leaves you feeling tired and lacking energy afterwards. Try to detach yourself from it, and understand it’s doing more harm then good.

Eat for energy.

Eating for energy is so simple. But so many people will avoid it because they are stuck in their ways, but just make small changes. Take action toward feeling better, no matter how small.

Heres the answer… Eat more fruit and veg, and LOTS of it! Fruit is high in sugar. Good sugar. It gives you the energy to do things in your day. For example two ripe bananas can fuel a 90 minute workout. How good is that!? And guess what.. fruit and most Veg takes around 15% of your energy to digest.. so yeah you save around half your energy and you feel great!

Here are some simple changes you can make to your daily nutrition to help you gain more energy in your day, i’ll keep them simple for now so it’s not too much to soon but these little things make a big difference.

Swap conventional breakfasts like Kellogs cereals for fruit – Now don’t think you can just eat a banana for breakfast and it’ll be enough. No, you need to eat enough still to keep you from wasting away. So instead of eating a bowl of cornflakes, and some toast which will barely energise you. Aim to eat 3 or more ripe bananas, plus Pineapple, or whatever other fruits you desire. Just make sure you eat enough fruit to feel full. You want to feel full after the meal. But because your body doesn’t find it hard to digest fruit you won’t get that same sluggish feeling you would have when you eat a full english and feel full. You can even add Oats to your breakfast if you feel like it as they will give you slow release energy.

Secondly, or firstly drink a lot of water.. when you wake up in the morning the chances are you are dehydrated. You’ve been asleep for 8 ish hours so the first thing your body needs for energy after waking is hydration to wake up your body and brain and start things off smoothly. It also helps to get your digestive system running. So first thing in the morning drink a pint or more of water. Try make it a habit to get up and drink water straight away. Your body will thank you, and you will feel a whole lot better. Try to keep drinking lots through out the day, if you are weeing clearly throughout the day you are on the right track. It may get a bit annoying because you keep needing the toilet but oh well at least you are doing yourself good.

Then keep eating as much fruit and veg as you can throughout the day to fuel your energy levels. Keep it simple don’t think that you need to eat all sorts of varieties. You don’t need crazy big varieties of fruit, it’s perfectly fine to eat a whole bunch of bananas in one sitting.. it won’t harm you (apart from you may need to go for a number two) just saying…. So yes it’s fine to eat a lot of the same fruit, and it doesn’t need to cost much.

There is all sorts of silly myths about too many vitamins and all these other excuses people make to not eat the right things. Why would someone think eating too much fruit would be a problem when they are eating a take away a few times a week, and bags of crisps and a coke for lunch. It makes no sense, and shows how messed up peoples heads get from what they are being fed through media, and from what they have been brought up to believe. To actually think that you can eat too much fruit is madness. It’s not like someone is going to go crazy and eat like 100 apples in a day when they change their diet. It’s more like they will do the absolute minimum and eat a couple per day and thats it. So yeah get it out of your head that eating to much fruit and veg is going to be bad. It will bring all sorts of good. Better digestion, better bowl movement, more energy, a stronger immune system, increase your mood, and a whole lot more benefits on top of that.

Eat a lot of fruit, eat a lot of veg. Cut out calorie dense, processed foods at least during the day. Drink lots of water, especially when you wake up. And start to feel your boost in energy.

Eat for energy. Not just because it tastes good.

This is part one of eat for energy and i’ll have another post soon enough for more changes you can make to your daily nutrition.

Make the change, feel the benefits. We all know deep down it’s the right thing to do.

Make some simple changes, and the way you feel will change. Eat for energy and health, not to feed addiction and desires.