How to Set Goals.

Setting goals and having a structure toward achieving them can be very important in anyones life, especially if you are someone who finds it hard to stick with one thing and keeps getting distracted by new things you could do, and heading off the path toward the things you originally wanted to achieve because you lacked the basic structure to stick toward what you kind of thought you were heading towards in the first place. :/

Setting goals is important because it gives you a clear focus of where you want to be, and it can be a high motivator once you start achieving what you set out to do, no matter how small.

You can set goals for each area of your life. Or just concentrate on areas of your life that may be lagging behind.

I think it’s good to set goals in each of these areas –

Financial – How much money do you want to make? When by? And how? Do i want active income to be my main stream, or do i want passive income? How would i go about making this happen?

Work – In what way can i give out value? What am i most passionate about? How do i go about making it happen? When will i be doing this by? Can i do it now? How much time am i willing to put in? Do i enjoy my current work? What do i enjoy doing the most?

Health and Fitness – What strength/ fitness goals do i want to achieve? Are my goals clear and precise? When do i want to achieve them by? Can i start now? How much am i going to train during the week? How many hours am i going to put in? Am i eating the right food? When am i going to make the nutrional changes?

Hobbies/ Passions – One of my passions is Parkour so i set myself goals to achieve more in it. Ask yourself where do you want to take it? How much time are you willing to put into it each week? When do you want to get to a certain skill level by?

Dating/Relationships – What kind of person do i want to attract into my life? Where can i meet these kind of people? What am i going to do to put my self out there to meet new people? Or how much time am i putting into my relationship? Can i put in more? Do i want more?

Social/Travel – How much time do i put into socialising with my good friends? Do i want to meet new people. How often do i travel to see new exciting places? Could i do more? Am i enjoying my time each week? Have i set aside time to really enjoy the world?

Set specific goals in each area of your life you want to move forward in.

Then in each area write out how you are going to achieve these specific goals, and when you want to achieve them by. The clearer the goals are, the better. You need to know exactly what you want. And exactly how you are going to set out to achieve them.

In each area try not to have too many goals. Keep them down to one or two of what you really want. It’s a lot harder to achieve goals if you have too many. You need to have good intention for each and pay special attention to each goal. Intention and Attention are very important to attracting the things you want. So yeah don’t have too many.

Luckily a few of the areas of life fit in with the others, such as your Hobbies and passions could help with meeting people you maybe would want to date/have a relationship with, as they are very likely to have the same interests. This area also can span into your normal social life/ Friendships, and also the Travel area.

And of course Financial sits in nicely with your Work. Giving value through what you do best will eventually set you on the right path financially. This can also sit in with your Passions, as hopefully you will have a goal to make your Passion your work. If not, why not??

Think about the areas you want to work on the most, or the area that needs the most work, and set clear, concise goals toward achieving them. Then begin. As soon as you know. Take action.

Set goals, write exactly what steps you are going to take to achieve them, then definately the most important part is to take Action!