Be Vulnerable, Be Authentic.

I think a big shift is needed in the way a lot of people go about their lives. Some people are living behind masks. Masks that are created by their egos to help them to look “good” in the eyes of others. Through this they are covering up how insecure they really are, and are probably afraid to be vulnerable and show that honest side of themselves.

Living this way is not authentic, however much you try to be a certain way. If it isn’t you people will notice, it can very easily be sniffed out. You won’t be trusted as much, you will come across as egotistical and needy.

A classic example of someone who is putting out neediness, insecurities and an egotistical nature is the “big guys”. Men who go to the gym and get as big as they can, then parade around trying to look all macho, always having a look in their eyes as if they want to fight, trying to stare down people. These guys deep down are insecure and they turn to their physique to make themselves feel good about themselves, to look macho and strong. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to get big and strong, but you can tell which people do it for their ego’s to cover up their insecurities about themselves. They find it very hard to be vulnerable, express their feelings and be their true authentic self.

It’s a great thing to be vulnerable, and for a lot of people it takes courage. To expose yourself as the person you really are, and say the things you want to say without the need for validation, without needing to feed your ego by thinking you have other people’s approval.

If you can be vulnerable you can release yourself from the grasps of your ego, your ego wants validation, it is wanting to look good all the time, it doesn’t want you to be truly authentic as doing so may hurt it. The fear of people rejecting you for being the real you comes from your ego, neediness is there always there if you are hiding your insecurites. Allow yourself to realise we are all human and have very similar insecurities and fears. But by being authentic you can release yourself from these insecurities and fear, as the ego no longer gets involved you have put your guard down and have accepted you are who you are and that’s all that matters. You have realised you don’t need validation, you are being you, and living authentically, not holding back because of the risk of looking bad.

The thing is by being vulnerable you can only look good. You will be far more respected, you will feel much more confident in just being you. People will trust you more, because you will be honest with yourself and others.

Be vulnerable, be authentic.

Vulnerability can be many things, here are some ways that people lack vulnerability.

  • Telling someone you are attracted to, that you are attracted to them (This is putting yourself out there, something the ego fears, as it can lead to rejection. Release the need for validation and the fear is gone)
  • Asking someone for help (People find it hard to ask for help as they don’t want to look stupid, if you aren’t doing this, you are holding back the ability to learn. Be honest if you need help ask for it)
  • Telling someone you love them before they have said it to you.
  • Telling someone what’s on your mind, if you are feeling down about something.
  • Lifting less in the gym with good form instead of trying to look really strong with bad form.
  • Smiling at others, not trying to stare them down and look “hard”
  • Telling other people if you are feeling nervous about something.

Be vulnerable and you will release yourself from neediness, fear, and your ego. Just allow yourself to be you to your fullest extent.

Love, give, and express yourself. Don’t hide behind masks because of fear. It’s ok to be vulnerable.