How to Make a New Year’s Resolution. Make the Change.

It’s nearly that time again when we are thinking about what we want accomplish next year. Now is a perfect time to set some goals and begin them the moment you do.

What I think most New Year’s resolutions lack is specificity, they are normally really simple things such as stop eating sweets, lose some weight, start going to the gym, stop smoking, drink less, or get a new job. Although it is good someone is setting a new goal in the first place, by setting such an unspecific resolution unfortunately normally you aren’t going to get very far.

Make your New Year’s resolution very specific.

The more specific it is, the better.

If you want to lose weight then write ‘My New Year’s resolution is to lose 10 Kilos in weight, I want to weigh 65 Kilos by March, meaning I will lose roughly 3kg per month for the next 3 months. I am going to accomplish this by eating 250 – 500 calories less per day, and cutting out junk food. While exercising 5 days per week for 45 minutes to an hour each time’

See how much better that is than being vague and thinking ‘I want to lose some weight’

Or another one is saying I’m going to drink less instead write ‘I am going to cut my intake of alcohol in half, at the moment I have 2 beers per night, and binge drink on a Friday night. I am going to take half the money I normally take out with me on a night out, and leave my card at home. And I am going to have 1 beer per night’

If you can get specific with your resolution it will be much more achievable. Set it like any other goal. And if you can aim high, you have the whole year to accomplish it. As it’s a new year’s resolution begin it at soon as 2014 starts in any way you can no matter how small, just begin on the road towards your resolution.

Another thing is to keep it to just one or two resolutions, don’t over haul yourself. You are trying to make a new habit, so you want to make sure you can concentrate on it, and not get disheartened by doing  too many things at once. Concentrate on one or two goals at a time and it will be much easier.

I think a resolution is a great time to make a change you have been wanting to for a while. It is a new year and new start, but you need to begin the task as soon you write it down. So make sure if you don’t want to begin till the day after new year’s day then write it down the evening before or morning the day after, in as much detail as possible. Outlining when you want to accomplish it by, and steps you are going to take from that day onward. Take whatever action you can there and then, however small it may be.

The top reasons that New Year’s Resolutions may fail are these –

  • Lack of Specificity
  • Inaction from the beginning (When people say they are going to do something, and then that’s where it stops, then they remember it again a few weeks down the line. Take action from the very beginning, it can be as small as throwing out half the box of cigarettes, or calling a company you’d like to work for.)
  • It’s not written down (By writing something down, it becomes much easier to get specific about how you are going to do it, rather than having mixed thoughts in your head. With no real plan.)
  • Making too many goals. (Stick to one or two goals that you really want, write the down in detail.)
  • Not really wanting to make the change through fear of being judged for it. (Fear of doing something new or different that you have been stuck in the habit, and people may know you for can stop us taking action, realise that it is what you want and you need to move forward in your life, and forget what anyone else is saying and doing.)
  • Not telling anyone about it, or not asking for support (On the other hand tell people what you want to accomplish, and tell them it would mean a lot if they were there to support you with it. Having people that are close to you support you with your change can help a lot)

Start the New Year by doing something that can change the way you live your life for the better, go at it with specific focus. Write it out in detail, and realise that there is nothing stopping you accomplishing it but you.

Only you can make a change, if it’s something important to you and you have been putting it off for a long time. Now is the time to do it. Aim high, but if needed take it slow. Just take action.

Do whatever you can to make it happen no matter how small as soon as you decide to do it.

Taking action straight way is very important, saying you will start the Monday after next is no good. Because then that will turn into the week after and so on. If you set something, do it there and then in any way you can.

Happy New Year in Advance 🙂