How to Learn – How much do you read?

Books, I really love books. Most things you want to know are more than likely written in a book somewhere, someone else has experienced the problem you have or the area of interest you are looking toward and they have written it out in a book. How good is that!? For the “right” reasons, and through the “right” content reading can be incredibly beneficial to your life. Knowledge is power after all.

I recommend reading to anyone who is lucky enough to have the ability, if you are dyslexic don’t give up on reading.. read anyway it may take you longer but it will get better through time, and what does it matter if it take you ages to read one book, take your time and steadily learn it’s better than not learning at all. Or even just listen to audio books! Admittedly there isn’t as many books that have been converted to audio as we would like but find what you can on the subject that is of interest or beneficial to you and listen away.

Reading books, especially self development ones (they don’t have to be self help). Books like ‘The heros journey’ are mythalogical stories which act as metaphors for a mans life journey.

Books can help change the way you look at everything, and your approach to life can change in an incredibly positive way. Sometimes you can read one book, and it changes your mindsets completely steering your life in a completely new interesting direction filled with challenge and progression.

How much time do you spend watching Television? For a lot people it is an considerable amount of their lifetime which could be spent far more productively, in a way that can benefit you and also those around you. There isn’t anything particularly wrong with “monging out” in front of the T.V after a hard day, but if you know you watch too much then think about what it is you are watching, think about whether it is benefiting you by watching it or whether it is hindering you as a person creating unwanted emotions associated with peering into other peoples lives, and dramas. I’m not going to preach too much about Televison as i’m not completely adverse to it, but I assure you 98% of whats on there is no good for your progression as a person, and will drag youR mind into an unconcious state. Not good.

The hours spent watching T.V could be better spent learning from books/audiobooks.. Since shifting to the love of learning myself, I now find it hard to get into films or anything fictional and would much rather read something productive to me, call it addictive if you like, but what a great addiction to have 😉

If this post seems preachy then… well… it probably is.. but all I am saying is start picking up a book more often, read things that you love, are interested in, or know is going to benefit you in a positive way. Sometimes you may come across bad information, if this is the case follow your instincts, if something seems fishy you’ll know, so find something better that resonates with you.

Now before you start reading more, and become a couch ridden book worm remember to take ACTION on the knowledge you are collecting, if it’s self development then put what you learn to practice, if it is something that resonates strongly with you and you feel you should share it with others, then share away, spread the knowledge you collect, their will be people who appreciate it and you could give it to someone just when they need it in their lives. Make a difference to people through improving your knowledge and wisdom, learning isn’t just about you. See how your learning can create value that you can give to others.

Read, Learn, then.. Live it!

I recommended checking out Elliot Hulse’s reading list here. He has a great list of books many of which could benefit a lot of people. Check it out.