Procrastination – Change Now, Do Things Now

What are you putting off that you can do right now? Life keeps passing us by while we contemplate something we want to do, and we keep thinking i’ll do it tomorrow, i’ll start next week, i’ll do it another time. There is always tomorrow, while this may be true. The only thing that actually exists is the present moment, right now. Tomorrow, next week, and next year don’t exist, they are just images in your imagination of what you think they will be. If you are putting something off, remember the best time to do it is right now.

It could be anything from making an important phone call, to beginning a training routine, or even wanting to meet someone new. When there is something we want to do but it is an uncomfortable task for us to do we put it off and end up procrastinating in many different ways. Probably even thinking we are getting something good done, because we have been keeping “busy”. Normally this only means important tasks, or things that you want to do have been put off because you are to worried about what it takes to do it.

Instead of ringing people about jobs, we filter through websites aimlessly. Instead of starting a training routine we read about it as much as possible then eventually keep thinking i’ll start doing it the week after. Instead of going out and meeting new people, we sit there on the laptop talking to people online or watching videos. It’s much more comfortable this way, but it gets you no where. Precious time slips away in which you could be doing something that will help you toward getting what you want.

If there is something you keep putting off, ask yourself can I start now? Remind yourself that the only time that exists is now. Right here, right now take a step toward achieving what you want. If it’s to start exercising, do some pushups right now. If it’s to meet someone new. Go find someone now. If it’s to work for a certain company you like the look of then phone them right now. It could even be to start writing a book, write a page right now.

The thing is people like to be really busy as it makes them feel like they are doing something productive with their days, but productive busy and just being busy are two different things. It is better to do two really important tasks per day than it is to do ten un-important ones.

Work out what it is you can do right now that is actually productive, or just something you have been wanting to do but keep putting off. And just do it, take the important steps right now. We all know what the important tasks are, because they apply to you. Only you know what is important to you. Do it Now.

Enjoy the now, don’t fight it. Take the step Now.