Creating Habits: Getting Things Done.

What we do each day shapes who we are, and what we are going to become/achieve. Knowing this we all realise that making good habits or doing things that help us consistently will bring great results into our lives.

Creating a habit of doing things helps us get things done even when you may not want to do it, it just becomes something you do. For example it could be as simple as getting into a habit of getting up at a certain time each day, at first you may have a lot of resistant to it, but then you make a habit of it and it becomes automatic and you can just jump out of bed in the morning, by making this a habit you now have more time to be productive with.

A lot of people find it hard to get started with things they want to do such as finding a job, starting a business, beginning a training routine, writing a book, becoming more social etc….

Instead of finding ways round it making it a big deal, and procrastinating you need to face it head on and start doing it no matter what, begin doing what ever it is, then carry on doing it day after day till it becomes a daily habit. It could be exercising everyday, it could be talking to people on the way to work or it could just be to drink more water each day.. what ever it is making a habit of it, if it really important to you is very important for your development and over time makes a big difference to your life.

The little things add up, if you are exercising everyday consistently, think about the difference you will feel after one month, if you are phoning potential jobs, or applying everyday it’s going to pay off eventually, consistensy and persistance will pay off. It has to, there is no way round it.

Think about habits you want to create in your life.. (and no smoking isn’t a good one ;)) and start creating them. Start small if you need to, they all add up.

Do 30 day challenges to start doing things you want or need to more often. An example 30 day challenge could be cutting out dairy from your diet, 30 days later although it may of been a struggle at first it becomes normal when the habit is formed, and you can see what benefits you attained from that 30 days, then choose whether you want to carry it on or not.

Another easy one is for 30 days straight wake up an hour earlier (unless you are an early riser already of course) but for 30 days straight wake up at 7 instead of 8, or 8 instead of 9. Creating simple habits like this start to develop your disipline, and when you realise you can create good disipline and consistency in small areas of your life it will give you the confidence to make big changes and create life changing habits.

Create habits that you know will pay off in the long run, you know what it is you want to do. Start doing it consistently everyday and watch how good you feel about getting it done day after day till eventually the results start to show. And they will.

Go for it.

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