Your Ego – Release Yourself From The Ego.

The ego is the main source of most peoples unhappiness.

It feeds off things like validation, needing, wanting, approval of others and being recognised for “something”, or having things of “high value”.

This constant needing and wanting is where most people fall short of happiness. Instead of being fulfilled right now with what they have or what they are doing in the moment, they instead look into the future of what they will gain, how much will I get from the world if I do this, how good will I look in the eyes of others if I am one day “successful”.

There isn’t of course anything wrong with having goals, and wanting to achieve in your life and developing yourself to achieve your potential.

But… where this desire comes from is what matters, if it is coming from the ego or the need to have validation, or needing approval from others than it is an unhealthy desire which feeds the ego in turn only creating unfulfillment, a lack of satisfaction in your life, and unhappiness.

To truly be in the moment and do things through enjoyment of the activity in the now rather than needing something from it in the future (when the ego is involved) is where real success lies.. real success is in every moment of your life free from the ego, rather than something you eventually attain and feel momentarily good about and then fall back into unsatisfaction and needing.

If you are doing things you love to do, and your purpose is to create, give and love then the quality of what you do is greatly enhanced. It will come from a place of abundance rather than a place of needing/wanting. When you come from this place of abundance you don’t need validation, only the ego needs it, and you are not your ego.

Having goals like what can you provide for others in your life or wanting to inspire others through what you do, and being giving in your creations is where the magic lies. It frees you from ego filled goals, free from needing approval from others, validation from yourself, always wanting/needing more to been seen as “great” or “impressive”.

Many people do not realise that their ego isn’t doing them any good, some even revel in the idea of having a big ego thinking it makes them look powerful in the eyes of others but of course it doesn’t. It is easily seen through by anybody even slightly conscious. Little do these people know it is causing them unhappiness, and bringing less abundance into their lives than they think it is.

Real happiness and being giving is free from the ego, even though you are creating success in all that you do, there isn’t any attachment to it or neediness involved. Just pure moment by moment enjoyment of living and doing things that align with your inner purpose. Release attachment to material things, future success, how you look in the eyes of others, and also the need to get something from what you are doing.

Have goals that align with being giving, inspiring and loving, enjoy what you do or accept what is happening in the now.

I recommend to everyone that you read ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle for more on the ego, and why it needs to be dropped :)

Don’t wait for happiness and success, just choose it now. Release yourself from the ego.

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