Giving Energy – Beam Like The Sun.

The sun is the source of all life on the earth, it constantly gives off masses and masses of energy that effects the earth in a positive way recieving absolutely nothing in return, but people are grateful, they bathe in it soaking ups it’s energy.

The sun can be used in metathorical terms to describe how we should be as people giving off energy just like the sun does, requiring nothing in return spreading sunshine to others giving good energy in abundance.

Coming from this place of giving energy or “beaming like the sun” is coming from a place of abundance which is a very attractive quality to all things on earth. And even though you are not needing/wanting anything in return, you will in fact recieve much more than you ever thought in return for your giving.

Being the sun, giving off good energy will lighten up your life, and lighten up the people you come into contact with whether they know it or not. Coming from a place of abundance you will attract even more abundance into your life. Through giving you will recieve whether you intended to or not.

This giving energy is the source of our happiness, giving value to others, helping other people in anyway we can, random acts of kindness etc.. are all ways of spreading “sun like” energy into the world.

So I invite you to make it a daily habit to try to beam like the sun, and give as much as you can.

Come from a place of love, and fear disapears, give and the world lightens up. 

Be the sun. Beam your rays of giving energy whenever you can.