A Mans Need for Risks – To Be, and To Feel Truly Alive.

A mans need for risks – We all need to take the step into the unknown.

Stepping out of the comfort zone should become a mans best friend, living just past the edge of your comfort. Take a risk.

Most men have a calling for “adventure” or “risk” taking that if they don’t follow through with they will have a feeling like something is missing inside of them. They know full well they aren’t living to their true potential and it will unsettle them.

Risks needn’t be death defying. Risks can be defined as anything that pushes you past your percieved comfort zone. The feeling of pushing past your fears is a feeling of risk taking even if there is no “real” risk involved.

It makes us feel alive, we are truly living and pushing ourselves to our true potential doing things that we have always wanted to do even if it means we make mistakes or even fail.

A man needs this in his life to truly live it, it is a never ending search of self discovery. If any of you are feeling the need for something more and you can’t put your finger on what it is then it is more than likely your calling for progression of self and you can’t ignore it, it will destroy how you feel about yourself.

Leaving your comfort zone is a need for many men out there or they will feel depressed, unfulfilled, and almost lifeless. Women usually don’t have this same calling for adventure and risks, as long as they have love in their lives they are normally fulfilled. Some women may find adventure is calling them, if this is the case then they need to go for it too.

Normally they don’t desire and need such risk taking as men do to feel fulfilled and feel strong in themselves but they do desire a man who is comfortable in himself and a man who goes for what he wants no matter the consequences (The risk taker).

A man who follows his true calling will be happy and comfortable in himself, not needy and scared, but strong and masculine through following his heart and taking the “risks” involved in stepping out of his comfort zone, truly living and going for what he wants.

If you feel you are lacking something, it could be that you need to start doing what ever it is that is “calling” you inside of yourself.

Take risks, live just outside of your comfort zone, adventure into the unknown, face your fears, live life to the fullest.

Most men need this in their lives, anyone who denies it will feel something missing inside of themselves. They may be unaware of what it is they feel, but once the awareness is there they need to go on the “adventure” that is meant for them.

Go take some risks, you don’t need to jump across from one building to another, but you do need to do all the things that scare you that are stopping you achieve what ever it is you want.

Only you know what this is, if you don’t then just keep searching inside yourself to feel your true calling, what is it you’re meant to be doing with your life? Do it, no matter how many risk there are to take.

Live outside of your comfort zone, it’s the best place for you to be. It’s where you will grow as a person, and growing is living.