How To Stop Fearing Being Judged By Others.

Fear of judgement….. Up there as one of the most common fears known to man.

For a lot of people, especially shy or socially anxious people, getting your head round this one thing can make an astounding difference to you as a person and what you allow yourself to attempt in your life.

Being judged by others is a very, very common problem most people face in their lives. We worry about making mistakes, failing, and even succeeding!

All because of the opinions of other people. What will they think of me if I say the wrong thing? What if they see me with out my make up on? (As a man, I don’t wear makeup but I can imagine it runs through a womens mind on quite regular basis).

What will they say if I speak my mind? What if that girl thinks i’m weird if I go talk to her?

Or what about the girl near her, she might think i’m a creep for talking to the other girl.. All these things are likely to go around in a socially anxious persons head. This needs to stop, we are limiting ourselves because of false beliefs.

How to stop fearing being judged?

In my opinion the best way to stop worrying about what others think of you is to do exactly what it is you are afraid of happening, the silly “scary” worst case scenerio in your head. Looking “bad” in the eyes of others – Do that.

WHAT?? I have to do exactly what i’m fearing will happen? I have to live through the worst that i think will happen!? I have to say or do something “embarrassing” on purpose?

The answer to this is YES, be weird on purpose, make a mistake, fail, speak your mind, talk to anyone? Shout in the street if you need to – haha. Get it out, just do it.

The brilliance of this is that by facing the worst of your minds thoughts in these scenarios is that they than lose there power over you. Suddenly you realise that none of it matters, opinions of others really don’t matter at all.

If you do something weird on purpose, and someone then thinks your a creep. Does that matter? Do you think you’re a creep? If you know you are not actually weird (But most people really are). Then who cares? No one.

Do you realise that the judgement from others, which may or may not actually be there is stopping you doing exactly what you want? It’s stopping you being your true self. It’s stopping you having real fun. It has power over how you live your life.

Please realise that this is madness (Not Sparta), and it needs to stop. Stop feeding your ego and thinking you have to look perfect in the eyes of others.

Once you release yourself from your ego, the ego that wants you to look respectable and impressive in the eyes of others, thats when you are free from fear of judgement.

You live on your terms, do what you want, talk how you want, talk to whoever you like, and be yourself to the max. What ever you enjoy you do. What ever amuses you, you do. What ever goals you have you move forward without caring what other say, or think.

Go out and do exactly what you are fearing, I know it may sound daunting. But trust me once you do it, and keep doing it you will feel empowered. The power is now in your hands, not the hands of others. It’s just where it should be.

Go look weird in the eyes of others. As soon as you do, fearing judgement from others simply melts away, and then you can move forward with your life, just the way you want it to be.

Your hearts desire is much more important than the presumed thoughts of others.

Fear is created in the mind, move into your heart and give your authentic self to world as a gift.


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