Five Things to Look For When Choosing Friends.

Five things to look for when choosing friends – the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

I feel when it comes to choosing friends we need to choose wisely. The people you surround yourself with say a lot about you as a person, they can either bring you down or take you way up. So it’s important to realise this and take appropriate action.

I’m very lucky to have the friends I have in my life. They are all great, the kind that when you don’t see them for ages and then you see them again and it’s like you never separated for that time. You instantly feel comfortable around each other. This for me is a strong friendship, the kind to keep hold of.

Here are five things to look for when choosing friends, remember no one is perfect but you have to be able to eliminate people from your life if they are no good for you and your development. It sounds bad, but if they are no good for you and you know it then you have to do whats best. Obviously all this applies to you as a person as well, be that great friend that you want in your life. It works both ways.

  1. Positivity – You need friends who have a positive look on their lives. Not the negative ones who you can’t see changing. The ones that are stuck in their ways and when you are around them the negativity latches on to you. Some people refuse to change even when nothing is working for them, you do not want these people in your life. Look for the positive ones.
  2. Respectful and understanding – You need people in your life who respect and understand your ways, and your goals. Not the ones who think you are wasting your time, and life on being disclipined, and dedicated to your goals. If they are the right friends they will support your dedication.
  3. Caring/Loyal – Sharing is caring as they say. The right people in your life will actually care about what happens to you, and will be there if you need them even it’s to share your goals and passions, fears and worries. They will hear you out and help you with their perspective on it or just listen and give their encouragement in whatever way they can.. They will care.
  4. Inspiring – Have friends that inspire you to be the best you can be, whether it’s you helping them or them helping you. Give inspiration to each other.
  5. Like minded – The chances are this one is covered as you are friends for a reason, but if you aren’t interested in the same things, or have similar visions then it may be that it’s a forced friendship, one that could be causing distance between you as you are moving in different directions. Find people who are on a similar wavelength to you, and you will bounce off of each other with good energy and want to be around each other. Ideas will sprout, and fun will be had.

So there they are layed out, it’s really simple stuff but i know their are people out there who are being held back by “bad quality” people in their lives, these people need to be cut.

When choosing friends find the good ones, they’re the keepers. And they’ll want to keep you in their lives as well.

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