Five Reasons For The Best Being The Best.

Five reasons why the best are the best at what they do.

Many people look up to the people who are the best in whatever field they are in, they see them as the elite and they probably wonder how they got that good at what they do. Even having the assumption that they are just good at it, and always have been.

They question how they would ever get as good as this person, they see their level as unreachable.

Thinking this is true, they doubt they could do the what that person has done. This way of thinking is holding them back. And many people are settling for being “average” instead of the best they can be. Excuses are always made why they can’t do what it takes. And one of the biggest ones is ‘oh they can only do that because they are talented individuals’ big limiting belief and a easy excuse to make for settling for less.

Here’s five reasons the best are the best. And how you can apply what they do into your life to one day be one of the best at what you do too.

1. They have passion for what they do – Without passion to do something day in day out, you will never make it very far. You have to love doing the thing you do, and you have to have the passion to achieve more in the thing you love. Find what you are passionate about, if you don’t have the passion you may as well not pursue it.

2. They have persistence – The best are incredibly persistent, they do not give up no matter what. Failure and mistakes are inevitable in most things you pursue. When the going gets tough the best just keep on going, they are persistent until the end. They do not give up.

3. They have courage – The best have the courage to move forward through their comfort zone and into the unknown, they know fear is there but they move forward anyway knowing that there is no other way but to use their courage to move through the fear and do what it takes to get to the next level in what they do.

4. They set clear goals – The best normally have goals or visions of how they want themselves to be. Short, and long term goals are normally set and a clear vision of how they will look, feel, and be. They are constantly looking for the next challenge to move themselves forward in what ever they pursue. Set clear visions, and goals. Go after them with all you have.

5. They have self discipline – The best usually have great self disclipline, and they will make sure they do what needs to be done, day in day out. They will make sacrifices to be the best. Each day is a new opportunity to better themselves. They know to get good at anything they need to be doing something towards it every single day. They need the self discipline to stick to their regime.

We all need to realise that everyone starts somewhere, everyone who has ever done something great was once a beginner. I’ve seen people many times with the mindset that the person that is great was great from the beginning and I assure you all this is most definitely not true.

So if you have the dream of one day being one of the best at what ever you pursue, then have the courage to go for it. If you love it, have a passion for it and the drive to keep doing it you will one day be great.

Keep going. You can be one of the best, and one day you will inspire others to do the same.