Use Your Courage – Be Courageous.

Use your courage to achieve more from yourself. Be courageous.

You don’t need to be great at something to have a go at it. You don’t need to be perfect before you start something. You don’t need someones approval before you take the next step.

All you need is courage.

Courage is the ability to move forward out of your comfort zone. It’s not being fearless or careless. It is feeling fear but moving forward anyway into the unknown, being present and surrendering to the moment.


 Have the courage to move forward with any venture you would like to embark on. Realise that the only thing stopping you is you. Stop waiting to not be scared, stop waiting for things to be perfect. Go for it!

What is it you want to do? Maybe start your own business? Attract a certain women into your life? Lift a new weight in the gym? Ask someone for help? Do your first public speech?

What are you waiting for??

I’m sorry to have to tell you but the fears will probably never go, but your perception of it can change!

Having courage is this new perception. All it takes is for you to realise that nothing changes when you wait for the “perfect” moment to take that step outside your comfort zone. There is no perfect moment. The only thing that changes is your relationship with the fear.

Don’t try to resist it, or go around it. It won’t work. Be courageous and flow with the fear, make friends with it. Know that it is in fear where your growth lies.

The courageous are the ones who get what they want, they aren’t the ones who you think ‘I wish i could do what they do’. They go for it!

They aren’t held back by fear, they flow with it and use their courage to do what it takes to get where they want.

If you are waiting to be a better you, a perfect you, or the perfect moment to take action with what you want. Stop waiting! Have the courage, and go now, take action!

Be courageous, do what it takes, and do it now.

A great future, and a even better present moment lies in you having the courage to move forward no matter what.

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