Are You Doing What You Love to do?

Are you doing what you love to do on a regular basis?

Their are many people that i have seen for myself and i’m sure their are many more i haven’t seen as well that settle for doing things they don’t particularly like doing on a daily basis. They pretty much condition themselves to just go through the day like a robot, living for the weekend where they might be able to have a little fun!

We have all heard it before, and probably said it too.. ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, ‘This weekend has gone far too quickly’ ‘I hate Mondays’.

In my eyes it’s far to common to hear these things said, and I’m starting to hate hearing it.

I know people have to earn a living, and I know many have families to support, and bills to pay but in my eyes there is no excuse not to do what you love and enjoy each, and every day. Not just living for the weekends where you drink away your weeks woes.

If you are in a job you don’t particularly like then quit it!

Now don’t start thinking ‘I can’t do that, I won’t have money to support myself or my family!!’ This is of course true, it’s obvious and the easiest excuse to use. But… I never said quit right at this moment did I?

I know people will get angry when someone says quit your job if they don’t like it. they will say they can’t! I need to earn a living! They take the offensive route, and accuse them of not understanding their position.

The key is to find what you love doing, find your passion, find something you would do everyday for nothing. Find what interests you more than anything, something you can see yourself being great at!

When you have found this, and the chances are you already know what it is. Then make time to do it, everyday that you can. Even if it is only a little time, dedicate that time to doing the thing you love.

Make a daily habit to make one step (it can be tiny) toward making your passion your living.

So when I say people should quit their jobs when they don’t enjoy them, I don’t mean just give it up right now (if you can, by all means do) but work toward quiting it, every single day. Make a habit of doing the things you enjoy, practice the thing that interests you. Don’t shun what you love to one side.

Ask yourself what do you love doing? What makes you tick? What would you do if money didn’t matter?

Then do that thing, every single day that you can.

If the passion is there you can achieve anything. If you love what you do, there are no limits to where you can take it.

Get excited, get passionate. Take those first steps toward doing the thing you love the most.