Body language

Body Language – Open Up Your Body.

Body language - Opening your heart to the world. 

Our body language is speaking in multitudes to everyone around us, it's like a truly honest expression about how we feel about ourselves. 

So many things are being said without any words being spoken.

So naturally, how aware we are of our body language is very important in coming across to the people we interact with, not it's telling everyone exactly how you feel about yourself.

Having open body language is normally a sign of being relaxed.

When we are relaxed in ourselves it really shows up in our body -

Let's think about someone who is seated, a good example of being open is someone taking up a lot of space, their legs spread out, arms out to the side across the seats and lounging back, seemingly completely at ease, this is an obvious example of someone with a lot of self-confidence.

Let's take this same example but with someone not being relaxed, the body language changes dramatically, an extreme example of someone being closed off would have their legs crossed, arms crossed and in a leaning forward position, creating a protective layer around them, like a sphere that no one can enter.

If you become aware of your body language you may notice that you can seem closed off at some points during the day and open at others, depending on your comfort, try to notice how the way you feel or where you are is affecting your body language at any time.

Avoid having closed body language, as being closed off doesn't allow you to give yourself to the world, and it certainly doesn't attract anyone or anything into your path.

But the more open your body language the better, open is relaxed, people will feel more open to you, they will feel more comfortable around you.

After all like attracts like, so when you are relaxed, others can relax around you, when you are open others can be open with you.

Give it a try now - stand and close off your body, cross your arms, and look down with a frown on your face.

Stand their like that for a little while and see if you notice the difference in how you feel - This kind of posture will close down your energy, you will likely feel less strength of character, less happy and not as social.

Now try standing up with your arms spread wide! Expand your chest out and SMILE.

Notice how different you feel, powerful, relaxed and possibly even more happy. You are opening yourself up, exposing your heart, and exposing yourself into a vulnerable position.

Now imagine in an interaction how each of these body languages conveys the way you feel to everyone around you.

Open body language is seen as vulnerable, you are open to attack, after all being like that in primal times would leave you open to a physical attack, as it would take longer to protect your body.

Putting yourself in this open vulnerable position is why you will be seen as relaxed and approachable. Remember it's not only going to affect you, it's going to affect those around you. Give out good vibes and you'll them too.

As much as 80% of our interaction is through body language. It can tell you a lot about another person.

An awareness of your own body language is the first part to master and alongside that is to also be open to awareness of everyone around you.

This helps you develop empathy which is vital to creating connections with people.

Be open as much as possible, in the beginning you need to be very aware of it and eventually it becomes second nature to have present moment awareness.

You will have to make changing your body language a habit. But once that habit has formed, your body language will more than likely always be relaxed, turning you into a relaxed, happier, more open person.

It shows you aren't afraid to open yourself up to the world and in doing that the world opens up to you.

Try being more open with your body, expose your heart and see where it takes you.



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