5 Ways To Keep Motivated.

5 ways to keep motivated when you just don’t feel like doing anything.

This is a request article from Conor Lee, he wants to know how to keep himself motivated to achieve more and get the things done that he knows need to be done but may struggle to stay motivated to actually do!

I know for a lot of people this can be an issue. So I will list 5 ways in which i think are good ways to motivate yourself to get things done. Motivation can be strong in the beginning of a lot of peoples pursuits but can over time whither away.

Heres 5 ways to get motivated when your running a little low –

1. Question yourself – Asking yourself the right questions can get you up and away in no time, ask yourself things like ‘Is what i’m doing now helping me towards my goals, or others around me develop?’ ‘Could i be doing something better right at this moment?’ ‘Do i want to settle for being “average” or do i want to be the best i can be?’ ‘If i get what needs to be done now, will it affect me, or the people close to me in a positive way?’. ‘Do i want to be the one who lives my life to my full potential? knowing I got done what i know needs to be done?’. ‘What can i do right now that will have a positive effect on my goals?’.

2. Seek inspiration – Watch or listen to things that inspire you to take action. Ever watched a movie or read a book where you just felt motivated there and then to take action? Have more of that kind of thing in your day to day. Seek things that inspire you to take action.

3. Set a “to do” list – Write a to do list of things you need to do each evening for the next day. Then get the most “important” or “undesirable” things done first thing in the day, this sets you up nicely for the rest of the day knowing you’ve done the hardest bit already.

4. Surround yourself with the right people – If you want to stay motivated it’s important that you surround yourself with people that keep you motivated. People who want to get more from themselves just like you. It’s not going to help you if you surround yourself with the “wrong” people, people who aren’t trying to get anywhere with themselves and don’t really care. Try to avoid these people, surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, and push you to do more.

5. Do things you love/ live to inspire – There is nothing more motivating then finding something you love to do, it’s not to hard to do something you love often. Even better learn to enjoy the little things and love knowing that it is all in the long run going to make you a better you which in turn helps to bring the best out of others. Learn to love the things you do that you know need to be done, and try to do things not just for you but to inspire or help others along the way. Keep motivated by knowing that your actions could make a difference not just to your life but to everyone who comes into contact with you.

These 5 things are simple enough but really dig deep inside yourself to keep motivated. You know you want the best from you. No more excuses just do it.

The motivated are inspirations to other people without even knowing it. They give off a powerful aura!

Stay motivated, take action NOW.

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