Communication – How Interact From The Heart.


Here are 10 tips to create authentic connections in your day to day, having the most positive effect on them and you possible – 

1. Smile – Easiest thing in the world but still can be forgotten. Smile when you meet someone new, give them a genuine smile. Simple as that, it shows that you are open, and willing to talk to them.

2. Listen – Be in the moment when talking to someone, listen to them when they are talking. Give them your full attention when communicating, they will notice. The more in the moment you are the better, listening properly means you can respond well to what they are saying.

3. Be authentic – Hold nothing back when meeting someone, be your true self. As ridiculous as that may sound people do tend to act differently around certain people, especially new people. Forget doing that and be authentic to the max, let your true self shine.

4. Eye contact – This is especially important in attracting the opposite sex, but is also a general rule. Make sure you hold strong eye contact it shows confidence in your communication, and that you are actually immersed in meeting that person.

5. Stop trying to impress – Stop trying to win everyone over, not everyone will like you for whatever reason they may have, it could be something that left them in a bad mood half an hour earlier, but forget trying to win the person over. Just be authentic, don’t try too hard.

6. Ask questions – Be genuine with this one and ask the person questions and listen attentively when they answer. You can then build on it and delve deeper into what the person is talking about. Everyone loves talking about themselves, be the one who wants to here about the other person. Show a genuine interest in meeting that person. People know when you are faking interest. Be the person who is actually interested in communication with that person.

7. Body Language – Huge amounts of how we are percieved in communication is through our body language see my article on open body language HERE to learn more. Basically the more open our body language the better, don’t close yourself off, open your heart and express.

8. Love yourself – How we are percieved is normally a reflection of how we percieve ourselves. Love yourself, and all that you are about. The chances are this will rub off on people you meet. If you don’t like you, how could you expect others to.

9. Enjoy yourself – Make communication enjoyable. Talk about your passions, share the things you love. This passion inside of you will rub off on them and could even inspire them to share their passions too. Talk about things you enjoy, do things you enjoy.

10. Names – Remember the persons damn name! We are all normally to wrapped up in our own heads to remember something as simple as some ones name when we first meet them. Try to remember their names, repeat it back to them to reinforce it in your head. ‘Hi, I’m George it’s nice to meet you.’ ‘George…. It’s very nice to meet you too.’

So there you have it 10 simple quick fire tips to communicate better with someone on your first meeting. Of course it can be applied to all types of social situations too.

Simple, heart centered interaction that keeps you and them in the moment.