10 Ways To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Are you ready for the new you to break through with continued exposure to what you fear? In this article I’ll give you 10 ways to come out of your comfort zone while enjoying the process more than you could imagine. Welcome a new life with exciting challenges around every corner.

On this site I talk a lot about fear, the comfort zone, courage etc.. The reason for this is that it is an incredibly important topic when it comes to self development. More often then not, growth comes when you are outside your comfort zone facing your fears.

Without facing your fears, you are inhibiting your growth as a person. Irrational fears can hinder us, stopping us doing exactly what we want and often can take us much longer than needed to push through, sometimes never taking that all important step!

The truth is that coming outside your comfort zone isn’t nearly as bad as you might think, in fact it’s incredibly rewarding knowing you are doing things that scare you. It’s a feeling of progress, it opens up your mind to new opportunities, it destroys limiting beliefs that you may of had or have.

The problem people often face when it comes to pushing outside the comfort zone is that they want everything to be perfect before they do it. They want to have that little bit more knowledge, they want to of had another “easier” experience first. They often get “analysis paralysis” learning and learning but never doing. Don’t get me wrong here learning is great, but without putting your learnings into action they are useless.

If you have the “perfectionist” problem then forget it, and use your courage to move forward not your skills. Courage is what moves people forward, not knowing everything about the situation or whatever it may be, and not waiting for the time to be perfect. But instead moving into the unknown using courage to fuel them forward toward personal growth.

The courageous know what they want, they feel fear. But they move forward anyway. They cannot be stopped.

There will always be things that are just that little bit outside of what you might call comfortable. But that’s the beauty of life, finding challenges and growing as person. Without growth you will stagnate, be bored, and unsatisfied. It is unlikely you will live to your full potential without facing fears.

I want to give you all some ideas on how to come out of your comfort zone a little more often. Although everyones comfort zone is different i’m sure I will give everyone at least one or two challenges they might not of faced before.

Comfort zone
Heres 10 Ways to Come Outside Your Comfort Zone –

1. Start a New Activity – Is there something you want to learn that you are currently not at all good at? Like dancing or cooking, or even something like art. Start a class knowing you aren’t so good at it, just go for it. Go alone, meet new people and see what you can achieve.

2. Public Speaking – This ones a big fear for most people, so facing it anyway can and will be great for your personal growth. If you are still at school then try setting up a talk about what interests you, or even reading something like poetry to your class. If you aren’t at school try putting yourself in a situation where you are talking to large groups, maybe a presentation at work or do a talk at an open seminar. Set it up yourself, or find somewhere where they give you the opportunity to talk. Make the effort if it’s important to you.

3. Embarrass Yourself – Destroy your ego and do something embarrassing. The ego wants to look as good as it can. Making yourself look a fool on purpose really puts things into perspective, and it frees you up more than you can imagine. Try this – Go up to a stranger in the street and say ‘Hi there’, then just stare at them with a silly grin on your face till they walk off or whatever else they do.. Yeah it’s stupid, but thats the point. If you are a socially anxious person this will be well out of your comfort zone, and will free you from your fears of social situations almost instantly (Realising it matters very little what people think of you, is incredibly freeing). There are many ways to do embarrassing things, get creative ;).

4. Be Vulnerable – Tell someone something you haven’t told them before, or tell someone you love them or like them. Putting your feelings and even secrets out there is being vulnerable, and for most even though it is so simple will be out of their comfort zone. Put yourself out there.

5. Beat Your Phobia – What ever phobia you might have, give it your best to beat it. It might be a fear of heights, a fear of spiders or a fear of water. What ever it is everyone has the ability to face it, and try to beat it. Find ways to do it whether it means seeing a specialist, or just constantly facing it yourself bit by bit. Take those first steps.

6. Travel Alone – It doesn’t need to be for long but give travelling alone a go, being along in new places is a step into the unknown without having a friend to help you out, and no one familiar to turn to when you get a little lonely. Travelling alone is a new challenge, it can force you to meet new people (if you want to have fun) and it can teach you a lot about yourself and what you are capable of. Give it a go.

7. Talk to Women/Men You Find Attractive – If you are single this is a good one for getting yourself out of your comfort zone by meeting new women or men. Whenever you go out in the day time, or at night and you see someone you find attractive. Spark up a conversation. Walk up to them say Hello, tell them you find them attractive (try to be specific on why) and see where it goes. Don’t think or care about the outcome, just say what you think (If it’s nice of course).

8. Get Rejected – This can be on anything, but try to get rejected. Walk up to a women you find attractive or a man and be as forward as you can. Or just say something weird. Or if you don’t want to do that, try going into a store and asking for something for free. Another idea is to go into a company building and say you are the best man for the job, and that you would like them to start you on Monday. (Hopefully you’ll get rejected, or you may have yourself a new job 😉 – Haha).

9. Set Yourself a Big Goal – It could be to run a marathon, it could be to write a book, or it could be to travel the world. Whatever it is set yourself a nice big goal that will require you to work hard at, stay disciplined, and require you to keep coming out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised at what you can achieve!

10. Take Responsibility For Something – This is a good one to try at work or at home, but see if you can take on a new responsibility temporarily. For example if someone else normally cashes up at work, see if you can take that responsiblity for a little while. Or at home if someone else normally pays the bills try doing it yourself. Little things like that make a difference, having a bit of responsibility can cause you to feel a little bit outside your comfort zone. I’m sure you can find something to be responsible for.

So there they are all layed out for you. Pick one, two or even a few and work through them. Take action, and see what you can achieve from yourself.

All of these things can lead to opportunities you never even thought could happen in your life. You’ll be surprised what a change to your life taking on new challenges, and pushing out of your comfort zone can make.

Enjoy them as much as you can, and remember it takes courage to move forward through our fears, and every single person on this earth has the power to be courageous.

Being courageous will lead you to an exciting, fullfilling life.

Go for it.