Nutrition – The Basics

Easy changes you can make to your nutritional habits right now. The basic nutrition rules for anyone to follow to make a real difference to how they look and feel.

For a lot of people out there that want to get in good shape, or just feel better in their day to day life they are going to need to take a closer look at their dietary habits.

Their is a lot of information out there on nutrition so I can see why people get confused about it. The simpler you keep it in the beginning the better.

I’ve adopted a few nutritional habits for myself which I feel work well for looking and feeling better each and everyday.

For the average person not really eating very well which is probably many many more than you think, applying these little changes will actually make quite a difference.

We all know nutrition is incredibly important in our lives if we want to function at an optimum level. Unfortunately food is often turned to as just something to shove in your mouth because you are hungry or bored, often very little thought goes into what it is being eaten.

The more convenient the better. Often this leads to really bad nutritional choices. By all means indulge in “bad foods” now and again if you really want to. But understand that it does nothing good for your body to eat empty calories, or processed food.

I won’t overload you with information and give you loads of different changes you should make. Instead I’ll keep it to a short number and by all means take your time in making the changes. Change one thing at a time, then when the habit is formed change something else.


Here’s a few changes I think are worth adding or changing in your day to day nutrition.

  • Drink Water Upon Waking up – My guess is that most people don’t do this one, and it’s so simple to do. Drinking water when you first wake up in the morning helps prepare your body after waking from sleep. Think about it, you’ve been asleep for the last 8 ish hours, you haven’t had any water for probably 10 or more hours, there is no way around it you will be dehydrated. Hydration is important to get the digestive system functioning well once awoken, and also to help get the metabolism running strong. Not only that but it’s going to help to clear toxins from our body that may of occurred the day before. My suggestion is that you drink a PINT, even a litre of water upon waking, then try wait half an hour till you eat anything. If time is short, don’t worry too much. But do drink the water. Try it and feel the difference, you’ll soon be craving water when you wake up each day, and wonder how you ever went without.
  • Eat Fruit Before Every Meal – Before anything else enters your system (except water of course) why not get in something that your body loves. Fruit is full of goodness and is best eaten before anything else is in your system that could effect how much of the goodness your body takes in. Fruit is amazing, and there are many, many varieties. Eat some before every meal. See how you feel. But, remember just because there is a lot to choose from it doesn’t mean you need to keep switching it up. Keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to eat alot of the same fruit.
  • Eat Some Veg With Both Your Lunch And Dinner – Most people more than likely fall short of the amount of vegetables they need in a day. Try eating raw Veg with every meal, I say raw because when you cook Vegetables the heat is going to kill many of the nutrients in the vegetable. If want to cook them go for it, but i suggest raw is better especially at Lunch. By all means cook veg at Dinner if that’s your preference. It’s better than nothing.
  • Cut Out As Much Sugar As You Can – A basic at it’s highest. We all know sugar in sweets, cakes, and cereals etc.. is not good for us and is killing our energy levels. Making us gain fat that we don’t want, and having us feel sluggish throughout the day. Cut out as much of it as you can. If you are hooked, take away a bit at a time. Or try 30 day ‘No sweets’ challenges. Setting yourself 30 days where you can’t touch sugary foods does wonders for instilling the new habit, as the days go on you crave it less and less as your taste buds adjust to enjoying other foods more. Give it a go.
  • Drink Two or More litres of Water Per Day – The second point of hydration in this article (Because it’s that important) We all know that drinking a lot of water does wonders for your well being. It helps your metabolism run better, keeps everything lubed up ( We are 75% water, and the water is excreted through orifices in our body all the time) It needs to be replaced to keep all our bones, joints, digestive system, organs etc… functioning well. You will be surprised how much being dehyrated kills your energy levels as well. Drink as much as you can. My suggestion is to fill up a two litre bottle and finish that every day. Two litres is the minimum so try aim for more! Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Fizzy Drinks etc.. will dehydrate you. Water is your friend.

I’ll wrap this post up now and leave you with those 5 things. Make small changes to your nutrition habits, you will be surprised what a difference they can make!

We have to remember nutrition is very important, it’s our fuel. You wouldn’t fill your car up with bad quality fuel if you knew it ran on good quality Petrol you would be too worried about the consequences. Why treat your body any different?

We all have been sucked into the world of nice treats and feel good foods all made for the purpose to make money not only from you buying those foods but with the bad health associated with it.

Try to not fall prey to living off “treats” and foods that taste great but nothing else. Feel what they are doing to you, and realise it’s not right.

Yes our bodies survive on it, but only because they are incredibly adaptable but eventually side effects of doing this will show up. Don’t wait for it to happen, make the simple changes now.

You can do it. Enjoy the little things.