How To Interact With Women You Find Attractive

How to interact with women that you are attracted to.

Imagine walking around in your day to day effortlessly talking to attractive women and inviting them into your life. No more waiting for the weekend to get drunk and trying really hard to build up the courage to talk to that girl over there that you just made eye contact with, none of that at all, just effortless interactions whenever you feel you want to.

Simply inviting women into your life. 

Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted to speak to a woman you thought was attractive whether it be in a bar at night, or while doing your day to day activities but maybe you didn't know how? 

Maybe you didn't because you felt like you didn't have confidence enough to do it?

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it probably is an area of your life you would like to be great at, I mean you found this article right?

Lets face it, it can be a scary thing to put ourselves out there in the land of beautiful women, it can take courage to talk to women that each of us personally find attractive.

Fear of rejection and embarrassment is wired into most of us from an early age so to walk up to women can often seem a momentous task.

I know in my own life there were times growing up that something like that would seem really scary, to the point that I would just freeze up. I wouldn't want it to go 'wrong' or get 'rejected' so like most guys and girls out there it took a few drinks to be able to finally interact with the opposite sex. 

There is a massive difference between 'drunk confidence' and 'sober confidence'.

I know for a fact if you get most guys who seem confident with women on a night out after a few drinks to talk to a girl in the daytime or even just sober when they are on a night out they will have a hard time of it, it will feel like climbing Mount Everest to them. All their eggs will be in that one basket, if they didn't get what they want they would feel really down. 

Without the comfort of alcohol, we will find many insecure men, who are very egotistical. The ego doesn't want us to look bad, our ego holds us back and drinking makes us care a whole lot less, it lessens our mind's limitations. 

But remember it is an illusion, not real confidence, real confidence is being truly relaxed in who we are, whether we have a drink in our hand or not, whether we feel nervous or not. It's okay. 

The reason I put quotations around the words 'wrong', and 'rejected' is because nothing can actually go wrong, it's our perception of it that makes it a big deal, there are no real consequences to a woman saying no to our invititation. 

Read that once more to drill it in: Nothing can actually go wrong. It's our perception of it that makes it a big deal, there are no real consequences to a woman saying no to our INVITATION. 

Because that's all it ever needs to be an invitation to what we have going on already in our own lives. 

Having an attachment to the outcome of the situation is where the fear crops up, before we have even met the woman we have put all these expectations on her, to like us, to find us attractive to say yes to our invites, to go home with us... All sorts.

If we can release our need for a specific outcome of talking to these women, then we can drop all the fear that surrounds the interaction.

The need to take something from women is why we get nervous and feel held back by fear etc.. We want to get something from her and if we don't then we feel rejected as if it is all our fault, we hide our feelings and intentions in case the real us doesn't get her approval and validation. 

I know this, I've experienced it first hand. 

Imagine living our lives with a mindset of giving out invitations? Imagine if we lived our life just wanting to give to women, to give good feelings to them, to give our inviting energy to them, to give them our curiosity, what ever it may be that we would love to give. 

Who fears the outcome of giving a someone a gift?

I would say the answer is no one (I hope).

Let's talk to her with the intention of giving and with an intention of inviting her into what we have in our lives.

We don't need cars, money and a big house to invite her to, but we can invite her into your happy bubble, into an interesting conversation, for a coffee... It doesn't matter.

I had the most 'success' with women and met my now Fiancé when I had barely a penny to my name and couldn't afford the rent to live with my friend so I had to move back to my families home. 

What we have doesn't mean all that much, what we give makes all the difference. 

Coming from a place of giving is coming from a place of abundance, there is no neediness, no attachment to the outcome, we can be content as we are.

It's really simple to get into a giving mindset - 

Go up to girls, give them a GENUINE compliment, then walk away, this shows to yourself and her you need nothing from women, you can walk away after giving her your gift of appreciation for something you find attractive about her. 

Bonus tip: Make it about something other than her looks..It could be her aura, her energy, the way she makes you feel when she smiles.. 

Give her some genuine appreciation.

Ok, now you know what mindset you should have when it comes to interacting with women, you can now apply the points written below...

We all know women like confidence, they like it because they want a man that can lead the way, they want a man that can make her feel both desired and safe in his arms.

Never forget real confidence isn't ego filled, it is free from the ego,  allowing yourself to be vulnerable or putting yourself out there is a strong sign of confidence in yourself.

So don't think you have to be a macho man if that's not what you are, just relax into yourself.


Ok so on to the points, apply these things to every interaction you have with girls: 


  • Give her a genuine compliment: This isn't about flattery or trying to get in her good books, it is literally just saying what you think, being authentic and telling her why you are there talking to her. In the beginning the easiest way of showing your intent is to tell her what attracted you to her.

  • Get out of your head and into your heart: When you are speaking to a woman, or interacting with her, try to 'get out of your head' which basically means don't overthink the situation, be in the moment and move into your heart. Try this, take a few deep breaths and move your awareness into your heart, FEEL more from your heart and think less. This means when you interact it will be more spontaneous, expressive and fun.
  • Body Language: Don't fidget about when you are talking to her, try to be still. Stand tall, and open, the higher your awareness of these things the better, it says a lot about how you are feeling. Stand strong, calm and relaxed. You want her to feel relaxed, if you are all over the place, fumbling around and edgy then it will rub off on her and she won't feel relaxed around you at all. 
  • Remember: If you are relaxed, she will be relaxed. (And everything is more fun when we are relaxed). 
  • Eye contact: Don't be a baby (actually bad example, babies are great with eye contact) ....Be a baby, hold strong eye contact. Your eyes say it all, hold eye contact when talking to her. Obviously don't gaze a hole of fire with the intensity of the stare, just be present with her. 
  • Let her Talk: All guys think you have to be a great talker to be attractive to girls, that's simply not true at all, in fact I would say you need to be a good listener, leave space and silence for her to talk, you'll be surprised by what you can learn about her from shutting your nervous babble up and just listening. Be as curious as you can with women, allow her to feel really heard and interesting to. (Because you genuinely want to, not because I said.) 
  • Be Authentic: Be your damn self to the max. A lot of guys try to be something they are not to try impress a woman... No... Just No.... Be completely authentic. Yet don't forget to have complete empathy for her, always have tact when speaking your truths.
  • Don't be afraid to get physical: If you have been talking for any amount of time, she's still there and she's showing you some good signs of interest (talking to you is enough) then don't be afraid to touch her. This could be anything, holding her hand (try comparing hand sizes), giving her a hug, or even going for a kiss (YES A KISS). They are females you are a male, you have shown you are attracted, she has shown she is attracted, no matter how subtle it may seem, stop your nervous thinking mind, she wants you to stand strong as a man and get physical. Of course do not force her to do anything if she doesn't want to... but show your desires without apology and invite her into each stage, lead the interaction. 

All of these tips apply to most interactions you have with women, but use your brain and if something isn't right, she has a boyfriend, she isn't in the mood or just doesn't like you then leave her be she's not for you, simply carry on with your life..  

Apply these things and you will be surprised how much better women respond to you and even how you feel about yourself.

It's all about being relaxed and realising that we are all equal man or woman, attractive or not attractive, just because a woman is attractive it doesn't make her above you in anyway, she isn't someone that you have to conquer, she is someone lovely to invite into your life and be appreciated.

Just have fun interacting with people and see who suits you best.

Invite, give, invite and give some more. 



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