Why Immerse Yourself?

Immerse yourself – Obsession will eventually lead to excellence!

Let me ask you a question – Who would you think would be more likely to get good at what they do?

1.  Someone who rarely thinks about that thing, and does it every couple of weeks sparing a couple of hours here and there.

2. Someone who thinks about what they do a lot, obsesses over how they can get better, and immerses themselves in it enough to get almost daily practice?

Yeah number two is more likely!

And that reason is that they are fully immersed both in thought (to manifest more of the same), and in physical practice of that thing (to improve practically) and almost obsessed with what they do, they love it, and want to do it everyday.

Now  I use the word obsessed lightly because I know it is known as quite a negative word associated with someone who is addicted to someone, or something to which it would have bad effects.

But in this case I mean that they are so passionate about it that they immerse themselves in that thing fully, it’s what they think about when they wake up, and when they go to sleep. They think about ways to improve whenever they can, and they practice as much as possible, they make time for it.

Immersion in the case of getting good at something means dedicating a good portion of your time to that thing. You are fully immersed in that one thing you want to get good at it. And it pays off.

Lets use my sport as an example, Parkour is a difficult sport and requires a lot of practice to gain any amount of skill. The best that I know are very passionate about it, and immerse themselves in it almost completely dedicating huge portions of there time to get better and better. For good reason it’s really fun!

Immersion in something will almost always lead to excellence, the drive that being slightly obsessed with what you do can only lead to one thing, and that is you eventually getting good at what you do.

Guess what one of the best and fastest ways to learn languages is?

Immersion. To Immerse yourself in a language would mean going to the country where they speak that language and being around it so much, that you are forced to practice all day, everyday. It’s quite obvious you will get good eventually with this technique, you are forced to, otherwise you will be known as the mute of the town ;).

Why would it be different with anything else, Immerse yourself in something for any amount of time, become obsessed with it and you will be surprised how quickly you will improve.

The point of this post is to encourage you to find one, maybe two things you want to excell in and immerse yourself in it, become so passionate about it you want to do it everyday, practice, practice and more practice.

Eventually you will excell in what you do. There is no doubt about it.  The more you think about, and do something the more you will manifest and attract more of the same into your life. The universe will see you are serious about it, and good things will come your way to help you on your journey.

Pick something you love, and immerse yourself in it. You will progress so much quicker then you can imagine.

Make time for it, put in the work, and learn as much as you can. Question yourself about ways you can improve, work on your weaknesses, and almost obsess over thoughts of improvement and positive emotions around that thing you love.

Give immersion a try, you won’t regret it 🙂