Brainwashing Yourself.


Brainwashing yourself (The right way)

This is something i’ve been thinking about for a while. So I wanted to write an article addressing the issue, and how we can take the power of brain washing and turn it into an incredibly powerful positive tool in our own lives.

We have control over what we think about, what we focus on, what we watch, read, listen to, and the beliefs we have.

And although we do have control, many of us don’t take that control. Instead they unconsciously give it to other people.

Media, Television. Books, Music, People around us all brain wash us in one way or another.

The power these things have over how we see things, and how our lives are shaped are quite astounding..

Try watching the news for half an hour straight with focus and attention – then notice how you feel. The news pushes negativity into the world, it feeds into our emotions, and if you pay attention you will notice a difference to how you feel. It brain washes you into thinking the world is a scary place, full of disgusting people, and it seems like it’s much worse than it is. It tells us everything bad that’s happening, with nothing good to say whatsoever.. No wonder people are scared.

Obviously it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in world. But be aware that a lot of news is pure fear mongering.

Now think about the last time you watched a great comedy movie. How did you feel afterwards? Maybe you felt “lighter”, everything seemed happy and positive, maybe you even wanted to go out and have fun and be silly.

These are two perfect examples of how you can be brainwashed through a change in your emotional state.. these are simple examples but knowing this we surely need to be more careful about where we direct our attention in our day to day.

We need to wake up and be conscious about what enters our head on a regular basis.

As I say you can turn this into a very powerful tool.

For example for me I have only had this site running for the last 6 months, it is a baby still and setting up any business like this when you want to take it seriously takes self belief, and perserverance.. I do it because I love helping others with my ideas, and knowledge gained through my own learning, and experiences.

An example of brain washing for me is something like watching a successful blogger, or author talk about everything he or she does. Their beliefs, their failures, and the struggles they went through to get where they are. The power this has over me is very strong. It gives me self belief because I know what I want to achieve isn’t impossible. I know their are people out there who don’t see it as such a big deal. They have ideas that sink into my brain with ease, as I’m so interested in listening to them. They make me realise settling for less would be ridiculous.

It does literally brainwash me into knowing I can do it if I just keep going. I even feel smarter after listening to these people.

Now I’m a big advocate of not watching too much television.. I know it’s fun to watch silly programmes and just switch off, but most of it is absolutely pointless and will brainwash into thinking you don’t have enough in your life. It will distract you from changing your own life, because you are watching so many other change theirs!

How can you change yourself, and stay in a strong emotional state if your emotions are constantly being bombarded by programmes telling you about other peoples dramas that are, and aren’t real..

Ever walked into a room when a family member was watching a soap on the television and went to talk to them and they just blanked you, or even got annoyed with you for talking to them?

That’s because they have been sucked in emotionally to that soap they are watching. They can’t take their eyes off it not even for someone real in the room…who they love.. that real person (who they love) talking to them….

Still think you don’t need to be aware of this type of thing??

Ok so I’ve talked about the ways in which brain washing can occur.. I now want to give you a few ways you can brainwash yourself the “right” way..

You need to be aware of what you feed your brain. It only has a certain amount of room for information after all.

Also you only have a certain amount of emotional energy, why waste it each day on things that aren’t going to help you with your life. And sap you of your precious energy.

1. Cut down T.V time dramatically. The news will kill your mood, and make you more fearful of the world and give you false presumptions of people out there. Soaps suck your emotional energy, and distract you from your own life. If you do watch it try to watch something high vibrational, like a comedy or a documentary on something that interests you. As I say watch the news sparingly and check other sources as you will often get a one sided story.

2. Listen to good music. Just because it’s top of the charts, and you can’t help but sing along it doesn’t mean it’s actually good. By all means enjoy what you like. But try to be aware of how shit most mainstream music is. It’s brainwashingly catchy for a reason, catchy sells. BUT IT’S TERRIBLE MUSIC.

3. Surround yourself with inspiring people, and people who are better than you in anyway.. they will lift you up. You will realise you can do much more than you imagined just by being around these people. This doesn’t even have to mean being with them in person or being their friend. It can mean simply watching videos of them, or listening to their podcasts etc.. but of course connect with these people if you can.

4. Read, read… oh.. and read. If you can’t read for whatever reason than listen to audio books. Read about subjects that are going to help progress your weaknesses and things that you are truly interested in. Enjoy it and realise the knowledge you gain can be passed on to people around you in whatever way. Be a giver.

Your thoughts shape the world around you. Take control and brain wash yourself in beautiful, inspiring ways. To inspire yourself, lift yourself up, and create new beliefs for a better, stronger you. You will attract the right things for your lifes path if you have the right things going in your head, and your focus is on the things you love.

Don’t give the power away. Take it for yourself and use it the best way you can.