Being Honest With Yourself

Be honest with yourself for better self development.

Are you asking yourself the right questions?

When I say the “right” questions I’m normally referring to an uncomfortable question, or an honest question.

When evaluating our lives, goals, and ambitions we normally ask the easy questions that don’t require us to look very far for the answer.

What do I like doing? What earns me money? Do I think she/he is good looking? Who do I care about?

All these are normally easily answered, and it’s unlikely to give you a kick up the arse or cause a little pain to answer. The honest answer will more than like come to you easily.

The right questions are normally the hardest to answer honestly, and they require a deep realisation..

How much effort am I really willing to put into this? How much time am I willing to give?

How much pain am I willing to take to achieve this goal, how much do I really want it?

Do I need these “things” I want, or am I looking for outside validation!?

Am I wasting my time?? What do I waste time on? How much time could I really put into achieving my goals?

Am I doing this “thing” for other people or myself?

What do I really love doing?? Not what people expect of me, but what do I love!?

Why am I so fasinated with that girl or guy? Is it just that they are good looking that’s making¬†me want them, even though they have nothing else about them you like? Does it make you feel more worthy knowing you can be with this person, even though you know you aren’t right for each other?

What do you actually like about them to cause you to want to be with them? Is it the right reasons? Or are you kidding yourself?

Is this really what I want? Or am I feeling pressured into it?

What excuses am I making that are holding me back? Am I lacking courage to get out there and face my fears?

What and who am I willing to suffer for!?

What I could I do RIGHT NOW that would start me on the right path?

Take the action needed.

As you can see a lot of these questions are quite deep, they are honest questions that require you to look inside yourself and find the honest answer, and even require you to almost take instant possibly uncomfortable action!

Asking these kind of questions you will often learn things about yourself that you never knew before!

It is hard, and will cause some resistance and anxiety to answer these kinds of questions if you aren’t used to digging deep.

I invite you to become more aware of what questions you ask yourself, and every once in a while when you know you need to. Just give yourself a little kick up the arse and ask yourself a few questions that really bring the truth home.

Yes the answers can be uncomfortable but they can also be very liberating to just realise what the f**k is going on! And the motives behind it or lack of.

It is very easy for us to blur into life and not realise that we aren’t really doing things the way we really want. If you stop and think you may come to the realisation that you want to change certain aspects of your life that aren’t doing you any good.

Try it out, whatever stage you are at in your life or whatever decisions you want to make.

Ask yourself the uncomfortable, honest questions and see where you come out!

Realisations can be amazingly helpful and inspiring as they bring up a deep rooted truth. Inspiration will follow, and you will be able to really tune into what it is you want, and what you actually know about yourself!

It can be scary knowing the truths as they often lead you on a tough path. But have the courage to be honest. You have one life. Live it the way you really want to. Not the way you think you should. Trying to take the easy road will only lead to the wrong outcomes for you.

As they say, nothing great ever comes easy and without discomfort!