The “Awkward Poem”

The Awkward Poem. 

It doesn’t have to be awkward.. but we all seem to have that feeling.

Did you say the “wrong thing”? Well I’m telling you it’s only you who’s reeling.

Did you tell someone you liked them more than friends and they didn’t feel the same?

Don’t worry, don’t be awkward, it doesn’t have to feel so lame.

Did you do something wrong? Did you make a mistake? Before you feel awkward.. remember.. It doesn’t matter for f**k sake!

Perception is everything so don’t feel bad.

What you perceive and I perceive are two different things. Different perceptions are always to be had.

We isolate ourselves we believe the world is against us, could there be another way? Could this belief go away?

Our feelings and emotions may sway, but try to stay grounded and calm.

Stop and breathe before you give yourself the palm.

Don’t live to impress others, or let them have power over how you feel. Have self esteem, stay strong in your inner self.

Speak an all empowered story.

It is you who holds all the control and glory.

You being awkward makes it awkward.

It means you are projecting the thing you don’t want and need.

It is you who is planting the awkward seed.

It doesn’t need to be awkward.

Let it go.

Did I make it awkward bringing up how awkward you feel? Well it just goes to show.

You just need to simply, let it go.

Just let it go.