10 Reasons Being Vegetarian Makes Sense.

Being a vegetarian makes sense, and it’s easy to be one! This article explains in 10 reasons why I have this opinion.

Vegetarianism/ Veganism is  a touchy subject. Everyone has an opinion on it. There are those who are all up for it, have always been one or have recently started on the journey. There are those who are making the transition to becoming one. And of course there are the ones who are all out against it, and think the very idea of it is ridiculous.

As I say everyone will have at least a little to say on the subject. And it’s fine, we can all make our own decisions and no one should be forced to do something.

I’ve only been a vegetarian for 6 months and I understand why people carry on eating it even when they start to have thoughts of making the change.


It’s a tough thing to do. Industries have made it that way, it tastes f**king great. Thats the big problem, humanity is addicted in so many ways and humanity caused this addiction.

Breaking free from that is where the problem lies, as with any addiction you will battle to the end to keep it in your life.

It’s far to easy to just keep eating meat, not knowing how it’s made. Where it came from.. what the animal looked like.. etc.. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

The thing is people eat it with no thought to what it was before. At least be grateful for the animal that gave it’s life for your meal.


Heres 10 Reasons it all makes a lot of sense to STOP EATING MEAT:

1. We have to cook meat to eat it – Our bodies cannot deal with raw meat. We get all messed up inside if we try to eat it raw. We then cook it thinking we get the same goodness from the meat as other animals do. Do we though? The answer to that is NO…. When you cook something at a high degree of heat it destroys a lot of the nutrients available. Most meat gets anihilated by heat, especially when at takeaways and restaurants.. “But we neeeeeed the protein!?” I’m sorry to tell you that the meat you just cooked isn’t gonna give you as much protein as you thought. Yes, it will give you protein but there are other far better sources for the human body. When it comes to meat your body is going to have a hard time digesting it…Too bad.

2. Agriculture f**ks the planet over – ‘A staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture’

Read more: http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/global-warming/#ixzz31WrNXbkL

3. Meat is often Contaminated – Want to not worry about food poisoning? How about all the things that are “accidently” in meat? Fece’s, blood, and god knows what other bodily fluids.. Oh you can’t taste them can you. That’s alright then… I forgot.

4. Animals don’t die for your greed or for you to have a tasty snack – Greed is why we still eat meat, yes of course we have always eaten it. But we no longer kill them ourselves and no longer need it to survive, and most of us are definitely not grateful enough for it. We have access to whatever we need, animals no longer need to die for our survival.. and they definitely don’t need to be enslaved, tortured, and fed through pipes for us to eat. Think about it.

5. You will have more energy – Our bodies find it hard to digest animals, it takes a lot of energy to digest. As i say that energy is wasted because after all that work your digestive system goes through you won’t be getting many nutrients BECAUSE WE HAVE TO COOK IT. Oh yeah, we eat it for taste. I forgot that as well..

6. Starving poor countries will benefit – It takes tons and tons of water and crops to raise and feed farmed animals. All the money spent keeping animals enslaved and overfed with grain could easily be given directly to the people who need it in the world. ‘It takes 13 pounds of grain to gain 1 pound of animal flesh’… errrrrrrr…. so for us to eat a nice kebab people have to stay starving in other countries. Hm. Make sense?

7. Sick people won’t be so sick any more – Saturated fats are everywhere in the meat eaters world. Imagine how much heart desease would decrease if all those obese people stopped eating meat in excessive amounts. Pah! Check it out – http://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/heart-statistics.aspx – No doubt over eating meat is a cause in a lot of cases. All those tasty takeaways. Eating animals slowly takes your life. And those stats are in the U.K. Imagine America!

8. Your Body Fat will decrease –  ……….. Yeah. 

9. You will enjoy healthy foods more – Once the addictive meat is gone, your tastes buds will start to love the simple things like beautiful fruits and Vegetables. And guess what… this new addiction is going to make you super healthy. Yep.

10. The last one isn’t a reason it’s a question – Could you kill an animal yourself? How many times do you eat meat per week? How many different kinds? Could you kill an animal yourself every single time you wanted a tasty bit of meat?

I couldn’t, I know for a fact that I could not do that. So I made a decision not to eat it any more. Why would I sit back and let someone else do it for me? Knowing I couldn’t kill an animal everytime I wanted meat everyday..

Ok, I understand this article has turned into a rant, and it’s very preachy. But in some ways it really needs to be. I ate meat for 24 years, and loved the taste like everyone else who says they couldn’t give it up because it tastes so good.

But I had the realisations to change my habits and I made a decision to never go back.

All i want from this article is to spread a little awareness, and give some facts to help a few more people to make the transition.

Humanity easily falls prey to those money makers of the world. Addictions make money, we have to realise the rich are getting richer because we are doing everything they want.

The big industries are loving it. They don’t care about the animals as long as you are buying and eating them, they will keep them enslaved. Money and greed is too high for them to give a damn.

Be the one who cares. Make a difference.