Beat Procrastination – Take The First Step.

Beat Procrastination – Take that all important FIRST STEP!

I’m sure most people have been in a position where they had something they want to start doing or achieve.

Yet you feel you want to learn more before you do it. Or you want to experience this or that a bit more before you can go for it properly. It’s far easier to take the road of procrastination then start on that daunting task that you don’t know how to approach.

Or you think about the end goal way to much and it seems so far away.. How could I achieve that?? I don’t know how to do any of that.

The thing is we just have to forget all that and take the all important first step..

So you want lose 20 pounds? Seem like a daunting challenge? Seem to far away?

Well… just take the first step. All you need to think about is that first step. What can you do RIGHT NOW that is going to help toward that goal?

You can’t lose 20 pounds or even 1 pound right now but you can put your gym gear on and head to the gym or park right?

Ok now you can do 1 set of the first exercise.. How about the next set and so on….

Taking the first step no matter what your starting position is what matters the most.

Maybe you want to write a book? Does 300 pages seem a massive challenge and you couldn’t imagine how you will get there?

Ok, how about just writing 1 page RIGHT NOW.. easy enough right?

That’s the first step in the direction you want!

You can apply this to everything..

Maybe you want to ask someone something? Take the first step, just say Hello.

Maybe you want to eat healthier? Take the first step eat something healthy right now.

Maybe you want to run a marathon? Take the first step (literally) and start running now.

Less planning and more just doing.

So I’m sure you get it by now… if you want something but it seems like a daunting challenge and you find yourself putting it off and procrastinating.

Just ask yourself what is the first small step I can take RIGHT NOW that is going to help you toward your end goal.

Just take that first step no matter how small, and just keeping taking small steps forward one moment at a time…

Too much time is wasted because we keep wondering what if I fail, what if I make a mistake.

Just give it a go. Do something.

Check out this article by Mark Manson for more on this topic! – “Do something”