How To Feel Worthy.

How to feel worthy, because you are worthy.

Worthiness or the thought of lacking worthiness seems to hold a lot of people back in going for what they really want. In fact it doesn’t seem that way. It just does.

They don’t feel worthy of what they want. They possibly even see  people who have the things they want, and achieved the things they went after as special and even lucky..

Yes luck could come into it (being in the right place at the right time, or knowing the right people) but think about it… are they really special? Or were they the ones that took all they wanted because they felt they deserved it. They were worthy of it, and they knew it. Why couldn’t they have it??

The answer for them was and still is – ‘I deserve it, and i’m going to give it a damn good go.’

Look at yourself for a second, what makes that “celebrity figure” any different from you? We are all special in our own way. Don’t let Television, News, and whatever else tell you that these things are unreachable and you need to go back in your shell or you’ll get hurt.

You are just as worthy of having all you could ever want as the next guy or girl. Believe it.

People with fame, fortune and success in their chosen fields all have one thing in common. They felt worthy enough to have a good go at getting what they wanted.

They felt worthy enough to get up everyday and do something.. anything.. toward their goals.

The sad thing is people’s dreams die out because they DON’T EVEN TRY.

They don’t feel worthy enough to make it happen. They never make any effort at all and settle for what they have. This is fine if you are happy and content. But for those bitter, resentful people out there, the dreams died and they didn’t even fight for them.

I’m not saying everyone will succeed in every thing they try. All I’m saying is every single person on this earth is worthy enough to give it a damn good go!

Maybe you see a women or a man you find attractive? Assume they want you to talk to them. Assume they are going to like you. You are worthy.

Want to work for a specific company high up in the “game”? Well…Assume you are the man or the women for the job. Walk and talk like you are right for the job. Do something now that is going to help you work for them.

Want to be a professional athlete? Work your ass off to get there. And assume you ARE good enough, put yourself out there. Take all the opportunities you can.

Want to act, sing, write? Take the action to make it happen. You ARE worthy and you can have a damn good go at getting good at whatever you want.

Never let anyone stop you trying. Feel worthy, don’t look to others to tell you that you are. Because they never will.

You are the one who has to.

Take the action that shows that….You ARE worthy!