Inspiration – It Is All Around You.

Learn to feed off of people, places, and situations to energise yourself with inspiration.

Inspiration can come in many forms. It can jump out at you from all kinds of unlikely places.

It can also be missed, and there can be times when inspiration was right in front of you, and you didn’t even think to take it.

The key is to take it whenever you can, to help drive you forward more and more in your pursuits, and passions.

Back when I was in the prime of my parkour passion I often drew inspiration from lots of different sources to help me become a better parkour Athlete.

The most obvious one was to watch or train with parkour athletes on Youtube who were better than what I was and get inspired by their abilities, making me want to strive for more from myself.

Then I realised I could get inspiration from all sorts – music, movies, books, different sports that were not at all related to parkour.  The thing is because I was passionate about parkour, and I loved everything about it I could watch a sport like boxing for example, and hear them talk about it, or just watch them doing their thing and I would be inspired to go to work on my sport!

I could also listen to music and a song would come on that would trigger me to visualise myself being a better athlete doing things I couldn’t at the time do. This to me was incredibly inspiring. Visualisation can be an incredible tool.

The inspiration was there and I was aware of it. I took it with both hands.

Inspiration is everywhere!

No matter what it is you do, or what it is you want to do. Inspiration is everywhere around you. You just need to tune into it, and build awareness for it.

My friend got me thinking when he said ‘People could be surrounded by an amazing group of friends, who have so much to offer them. But they don’t see it, and miss out on the inspiration and all the things they can learn from those friends.’

Inspiration and things to learn are always there. Sometimes you needn’t even ask for it. You can literally just take it. The person you are “feeding” off of won’t even know they are having that effect on you.

They can energise  and inspire you just by being around them. Tune into what they have to offer and feed of their inspiring energy. You’ll be amazed by what you can learn.

My awareness and observation skills for these things have been around for quite a long time now.

I feed off a lot of different people for inspiration, and learn what I can about them and it is unlikely any of them know it. Some will of course. But either way I know it has helped me immensely in becoming a better person.

If I feel inspired by certain people, a place or an event I take it with both hands, and learn as much as I can.

I want to invite you to tune into this inspiration, and find it in as much as you can. Observe the people around you. Are they the kind of people who inspire and bring you up?

They may not be on the same journey but is there something about their energy that helps you gain inspiration? Can you learn anything from them?

The same goes with the things you read, and watch. Are you watching things that can bring your energy up? Are you drawing inspiration from the music you listen to? The movies you watch? The places you see? The people you interact with? What about the books you read?

It’s all there, and normally the inspiration doesn’t even need to be related to what you do.

Be inspired by all that you can, and watch your energy spike as you feel charged to go full force at whatever you are passionate about, or are pursuing. You’ll be surprised by how much it will help you become an unstoppable force.